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Is Hanukkah the Jewish Christmas?

I grew up a nice Jewish boy in Brooklyn, New York. When late December arrived it brought some interesting challenges. Why? My family owned a toy store! I knew little about Christmas, ...

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Deaf refugees find home in Olathe church

Three years ago, Debbie Buchholz, senior pastor of Deaf International Community Church in Olathe, met Guman, a deaf refugee in his 30s who had a limp and cerebral palsy. “When I first ...

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How Marriage Lifts Families Out of Poverty

The organization behind National Marriage Week USA (in February) makes the case that marriage must be part of the current political debate about income inequality and how to reduce poverty. “Today 53 ...

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Midwest Christian Education & Expo College Feb. 24

The Midwest Christian Education and College Expo returns in February with over 60 colleges, private K-12 schools from both Missouri and Kansas, and homeschooling resources. This is the 20th Annual Midwest Christian Education Expo ...

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