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A small town Christmas

My mother grew up in a very small town, so small that her graduating class was less than ten! However, what that town lacked in population, it made up for in spirit, ...

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Editorial—Jerusalem: The Capital of Israel

On Dec. 6, the United States officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. As part of this historic announcement, President Trump initiated the process of relocating the U.S. embassy there. For ...

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How to Shop for the Right Bible

Either for yourself or a gift, buying a bible is an important decision. The prospect of purchasing a Bible for oneself or as a gift, usually does not cause any anxiety in ...

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Is Hanukkah the Jewish Christmas?

I grew up a nice Jewish boy in Brooklyn, New York. When late December arrived it brought some interesting challenges. Why? My family owned a toy store! I knew little about Christmas, ...

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How should believers invest for the future?

How to invest: Faith, not fear of N. Korea, should guide both finances and time says Stewardship Capital founder Ron Finke. In a little-heralded news item last month, the Federal Reserve announced ...

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Grandparenting: 6 things to pass on!

Grandparenting.  It’s a great thing.  I’ve got two little grandkids of my own, and we are having a blast.  I remember the moment that the first little one came home.  It was ...

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