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Ferguson: Getting to We


When I heard about the cowardly opportunist who shot two police officers a few days ago, I dropped my head in sadness and prayed. Convinced this was an act of evil and ...

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Web story pic - Jessica H

By Jessica S. Hosman My little boy is a snuggler. Even from his first days of life he has relished the gift of touch and being held close. As he has grown ...

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Was Jesus a hippie?

Web story pic-Was Jesus a hippie 3-15

By Earl Downing The question “Was Jesus a hippie pacifist?” may seem to be a thought given to frivolity, but this attempt to self-identify with the Nazarene is pervasive in many different ...

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Believe in the Impossible!

Web story pic2-15 - Jessica H

By Jessica S. Hosman It was three days before my son’s fourth birthday and he was convinced he’d be able to play outside in the snow when the day arrived. While this ...

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Web story pic - Dave Navarro

By Dave Navarro, Jr. JAN. 2015 – Learned some interesting statistics for a report coming out in January (I got an advanced copy)… Mobile Device Web Browsing is expected to overtake desktop ...

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Overcoming the Blows of 2014

Web story pic - Jessica H

By Jessica S. Hosman A few nights ago while playing with Bliss (our playful 50-pound Golden Retriever), Zechariah tossed her rubber bone into the air just as he had done hundreds of ...

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What’s Your Christmas Memory?


Readers and staff share their thoughts on the holidays gone by   By Dwight Widaman | Editor Some years ago Anita and I had planned to take our kids to the local ...

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What Kind of Broker Are You?

broker talent

As a marketplace leader, you can be a broker in the talent, resourcefulness creativity of others By Linda Fields Realize it or not, you are in control of a very valuable commodity—no, ...

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