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Pastor packing heat shoots and kills Walmart gunman


One of the armed citizens credited with taking out a carjacking suspect who went on a rampage in a Washington state Walmart parking lot Sunday reportedly is a pastor in the area. The 47-year-old ...

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‘America is a Christian Nation’ Billboards Removed; Cited as ‘Hateful’ and ‘Divisive’

First Baptist Church of Dallas was forced to take down two billboards advertising his upcoming sermon, “America is a Christian Nation.” Pastor Robert Jeffress says the day after the billboards went up, the Dallas ...

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Despite negative media, satisfaction with country reaches 12-year high


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Satisfaction of Americans with the direction of the nation is now back to the historical average of 37%, which was first measured in 1979. Thirty-eight percent of Americans are ...

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DOJ Watchdog report exposes FBI texts to interfere in 2016 election


WASHINGTON – A new 500-page report from the inspector general’s office concludes that former FBI Director James Comey and senior leaders were negligent in following Justice Department protocol during the investigation into ...

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Banning child sex robots finds unanimity in Congress

robot sex

Democrats and Republicans may not agree on much these days but they did find 100 percent unanimity on one issue. The United States House has unanimously passed the CREEPER Act, a bill ...

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Pence speech at Baptist convention draws fire

convention returns

As attention in and outside the Southern Baptist Convention has turned to the treatment of women and allegations of sexual harassment, last night’s speech by Vice President Mike Pence’s may have come as ...

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Supreme Court rules against Democrats as states move against voter fraud


The Supreme Court ruled this week that states can clean up their voting rolls by removing voters who haven’t cast ballots in six years. The justices rejected, by a 5-4 vote Monday, ...

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Housing tax credits for ministers under attack


Between 61 and 81 percent of congregations—230,000 to 310,000 congregations—rely on housing allowances as a component of clergy compensation and thus face harm were the provision invalidated. A case that threatens to affect ...

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Porn acceptance at all-time high, growing among young


A new survey shows that acceptance of porn is increasing–especially among young men. In the survey, “More Americans Say Pornography Is Morally Acceptable,” Gallup reported that 43% of Americans “now believe pornography ...

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Motto ‘In God We Trust’ on currency upheld in court


The national motto, “In God We Trust,” is safe for now. A federal appeals court has rejected an atheist’s continued attempts to have the motto removed from American currency, concluding that the printed ...

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Admitted pedophile and white supremacist running against Republican congresswoman


Nathan Larson, a confessed pedophile and prospective congressional candidate in Virginia who once spent 16 months in prison for threatening to kill former President Barack Obama, says he now wants to legalize incest so ...

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Tuesday’s primaries show democrat “blue wave” not happening


The results in Tuesday’s primaries in eight states are an early indication that President Trump’s “America First” agenda and accomplishments are winning the support of the American people. This is good news ...

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500 days in, what has America gained under Trump?


President Donald Trump marked his 500th day in office this week with a celebratory message on Twitter pointing to a long list of achievements accomplished since he was inaugurated in January last ...

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American Bible Society asks staff to affirm Bible causing some to quit


The American Bible Society, which has been engaging people with God’s Word for over 200 years, has implemented a new employee policy that has prompted some of their staff to quit. The policy requires ...

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Google banning Jesus from church ads?


More evidence of Google restricting religious speech came to light today as the head of a Lutheran publishing house claimed Google will no longer accept advertisements related to the organization’s website “because ...

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