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Palestinian leader says Jews caused Holocaust

holocaust palestinian

JERUSALEM, Israel – In a speech Monday evening in Ramallah at the opening of the Palestinian National Council meeting, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas rewrote the history of the Holocaust. The Holocaust, ...

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Iran busted: Preparing to develop nuclear weapons all along

iran nuclear weapons trump israel

JERUSALEM, Israel – In a powerful nationally televised address that has now reverberated around the world, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to his nation revealing evidence that Iran has been lying ...

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South Korean leader: Trump should receive the Nobel Peace Prize

nobel trump peace

South Korean President Moon Jae-in has suggested that U.S. President Donald Trump should receive the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in ending the 68 year state of war. Moon made the ...

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List of worst countries for religious freedom released

pakistan freedom persecution

A new report lists the worst countries for religious persecution. The 2018 report was released this week and calls out 16 countries by name with the moniker “Countries of Particular Concern” and recommends they ...

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Nigerian muslim herdsmen open fire killing 19 church-goers

fulani herdsmen

Gunmen opened fire during a Nigerian church service Tuesday, killing at least 19, including two priests. State police told CNN the attackers were most likely Fulani herdsmen who continued their crusade by ...

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‘The Middle’ actress Patricia Heaton serves Sudanese kids

sudanese civil war

Actresses Patricia Heaton and Jen Ray have found themselves in the middle of a central African conflict, serving refugees whose lives have been torn apart by civil war. The stars of the ...

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American pastor in horrific danger after ‘disturbing’ Turkish trial

turkish pastor turkey trial injustice

American Pastor Andrew Brunson, who’s being held in a Turkish prison, is getting support from President Donald Trump and a petition for his release spreading across the nation. Brunson, who is on ...

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Illegal migrants head to U.S. border demanding end to all border security


A group of 1,500 illegal migrants are marching north through Mexico headed to a planned protest at the United States – Mexico border. Their written demands are that American citizens remove all ...

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Teacher who saved 600 Jewish children dies at age 107

A Dutch school teacher who saved more than 600 Jewish children from death at the hands of Nazis has died at the age of 107. Johan van Hulst served as principal of ...

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Iraqi Christians celebrate Easter free of ISIS

As we celebrate Easter today, thousands of our brothers and sisters in Christ are celebrating in areas freed from ISIS. For the first time since the Islamic State terrorist group drove thousands ...

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Holocaust survivor stabbed and burned in anti-Semitic attack

French authorities say the killing of an elderly Jewish woman in Paris is being investigated as an anti-Semitic murder.  The woman, identified in French media as Mireille Knoll, was stabbed at least 11 ...

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Abandoned at birth because of skin deformities, woman gets makeover

Irina Pavlutskaya was abandoned as a baby after she was born with rare physical deformities, the Daily Mail reports. Children with even minor medical conditions or even easily treatable deformities are usually ...

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No justice for Pakistani Christians burned alive in kiln


They were burned alive with hundreds of witnesses. Four years later, after two court cases, there is no justice for a young Pakistani couple. A Pakistani court has now acquitted 20 people ...

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Mom pleads with Islamic captors to return only daughter


The mother of a kidnapped Christian girl is pleading with her Islamic captors to release her daughter. “I have nothing to say other than they should have pity on my only daughter ...

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Will new tariffs on China create more fair trade?

china tariffs

It’s no secret that each year, China floods the U.S. market with cheap goods–with many of these products made in conditions that would be illegal in most of the world. Add to ...

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