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Backlash grows over Trump’s summit seeking peace with Russia


Following Monday’s historic summit and bilateral talks between President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, the two leaders held a joint press conference at their summit in Helsinki, Finland. Both men ...

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ANALYSIS: The truth behind tariffs and what it means

china tariffs

America’s new auto, aluminum and steel tariff policies have now triggered retaliatory tariffs from other nations including Canada, the EU and China. Last week Trump imposed new tariffs on more than $30 ...

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Christians working to save disabled Kenyan children left outside to be eaten by animals


With disabled children being abandoned and left to be eaten by wild animals by their own parents in Kenya, a Christian ministry has taken them under its care and is stressing that everyone is ...

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Yazidis seek rescue of women and children enslaved by ISIS


While most former ISIS strongholds in Iraq and Syria have been liberated in the last 18 months, several thousand kidnapped women and children of the Yazidi minority group remain unaccounted for and ...

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American media outnumbers protest in awkward reporting

nato protests

Cable news outlets reported it as a huge planned protest with thousands expected to fill the streets against President Trump during his appearance at the NATO summit. “Make Peace Great Again” organizers ...

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Rescue Complete. All boys leave cave alive


In a rescue mission that used efforts from dozens of countries, all 12 boys and their soccer coach have been extracted from a flooded cave in a drama that has riveted their ...

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Protests strand church groups in Haiti


Volunteer groups from several U.S. states were stranded in Haiti over the weekend after violent protests over fuel prices canceled flights and made roads unsafe. Church groups in the Midwest, Florida, Georgia ...

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Thai boys begin to leave cave

Rescuers in have retrieved the first of the 12 thai boys who have been trapped with their soccer coach in a cave for two weeks. Three of the boys were extracted from ...

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Chilean minor to Thai kids, “Do not lose faith”


A Chilean miner who was among the 33 rescued after 70 days underground in 2010 has sent a message of hope to the trapped Thai schoolchildren. “Do not lose faith or hope,” ...

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Soccer team and coach found alive in Thai cave


MAE SAI, Thailand — Rescuers located 12 boys and their soccer coach alive deep inside a partially flooded cave in northern Thailand late Monday, more than a week after they went missing, ...

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List released of top persecutors of Christians

Hostility is particularly intense for 215 million believers across the world who are persecuted with intimidation, prison, and even death for their faith in Jesus Christ. That’s the assessment of an Open ...

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Samaritan’s Purse VP rejected by U.N. for migration leadership


The UN migration agency that influences policies around the world has rejected the Trump administration’s candidate to lead it. It’s just the second time since the agency’s founding in 1951 that an ...

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Two men with total of 160 children sentenced for polygamy


Two leaders of a break-away group from the Mormon church who between them have 29 wives and 160 children were sentenced to house arrest on Tuesday after being convicted of polygamy. Canadians ...

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Iranians fill streets to protest Islamic regime


As tens of thousands of Iranians take part a second day to protest against the Islamic regime, government officials sought to accuse the United States instead of Iran’s economic woes. In a ...

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Chinese Communists arrest another pastor


Local Chinese law enforcement authorities raided a gathering of members from the Bible Reformed Church in Guangzhou, Guangdong on June 10. According to the website China Aid, authorities arrested Pastor Huang Xiaoning ...

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