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New ad highlights leftist ‘mob’ that threatens democracy


The Republican National Committee (RNC) released a powerful new web ad that highlights how the extreme rhetoric from the left has created “an unhinged mob.” The minute-long ad, which is titled, “The ...

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Today is deadline to register to vote in Missouri


Today is the last  day to register to vote if you plan on exercising your civic duty on Nov. 6. The election is just weeks away and both Democrats and Republicans are ...

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Hawley one of busiest state AGs in nation


Some Missouri republicans would like Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley to do more in his race to unseat incumbent Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill. But others point out his race  is deadlocked against an entrenched ...

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Software glitch created delay in Johnson County vote count

delay voter

Johnson County election results typically take longer to tabulate that out-state results. That’s mainly because of the number of ballots being tabulated in this urban Kansas county. Turn-out was extremely high for ...

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Failed challenge to Orman shows Dem concern for “disenfranchised” to be hypocritical

If memory serves it was a just a few months back that the media and the Democratic Party shed many a tear over the fate of the voters allegedly “disenfranchised” by a ...

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Lesbian boxer hopes to win Tuesday primary and take on Kevin Yoder


This is going to be an interesting election cycle given what the media considers the controversial nature of the Trump administration. Though it may not be as interesting as the Democrat primary ...

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Kansas’ 2nd District Congressional candidate exposed


In Kansas’ 2nd Congressional District race there is no Democrat primary since only Paul Davis is running for that office. The Republican race is a rather unique situation that deserves a brief ...

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Poll shows Hawley expanding lead over McCaskill

primary debate counties

While democrats point to several recent victories in state-wide races across the nation as a coming wave in the fall, the news isn’t good for Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill. A poll shows ...

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Topeka native tapped to run Trump campaign

Brad who? President Trump has hired Topeka native Brad Parscale, the digital media director of his 2016 campaign, to run his re-election bid, the campaign announced. But who is Brad Parscale? He’s ...

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Election protesters on wrong side of reality

If you are like me, there’s relief that the election is over, if only for the lack of television commercials or robo calls. For some there was jubilation Wednesday morning, Nov. 9, ...

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Can a pastor speak out on the election? You’ll be surprised

Every election cycle, confusion abounds about how a church or pastor can be involved in the civic life of their community while not stepping across the lines outlined by the IRS and FEC. This ...

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Don’t miss these deadlines for the Nov. 8 election

Voter registration deadlines for election loom in Kansas and Missouri By ANITA WIDAMAN Voting is a rite of passage in our home. We have taken our girls to vote with us since ...

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