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Ted Nugent Coming to Kansas for Kobach

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach has enlisted Ted Nugent’s support for his gubernatorial campaign. Kobach’s campaign has confirmed that the musician will appear at the Lenexa Community Center on June 23 for a Kobach campaign event. Kobach’s spokeswoman said that there will be a VIP event at 2 p.m. followed by “talk and a few songs” at 3 p.m.

The cost of the VIP reception is $500, while front seating is $150 and general admission is $50 for those attending, according to the campaign.

Nugent himself has sent out notices that “I will be in Lenexa Saturday, June 23 to perform and support Kris Kobach for Governor! I pray to God every state has a leader like Kris Kobach. Kris knows, respects, and reveres the U.S. Constitution and WE THE PEOPLE! Kansas, it is time to show the rest of the nation how it is done, and elect a real Governor to lead your state. Join me on June 23 at 3:00 pm to support Kris Kobach & Wink Hartman, and make ….. sure they are elected to lead this state!”

             – PHOTO: Owen Sweeney Invision/AP


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