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Caleb Schwab

Waterslide that decapitated young boy finally being torn down

After numerous lawsuits resulting from the decapitation of a Kansas boy at Schlitterbahn, the company that owns the waterslide is finally finally tearing it down.

Officials with the waterpark said Thursday Verrückt will come down after the Labor Day weekend, which is the end of the summer season for the waterpark.

The process is expected to take three weeks and will take down both the slide and tower.

The company previously announced plans to tear the waterslide down but was delayed due to a court order.

Caleb Schwab was decapitated on the ride by netting meant to keep riders from flying out. The August 2016 incident has resulted in settlements with Schwab’s family and ultimately, criminal charges against many of the company’s top officials.

Thursday’s decision was one of several made during a court appearance in the case.

Wyandotte County Judge Bob Burns ordered state prosecutors to narrow down the 47-page indictment. The indictment has nearly 40,000 pages of support documents.

The state has three weeks to narrow down the evidence.

The state also disclosed a witness list of nearly 240 people. They’ll have to provide to the court by August 17 their list of designated experts.

Further, defense attorneys will be able to comb through 250-300 pages of redacted testimony from the Grand Jury that brought the original indictment. The pages were previously redacted due to concerns about grand jurors.

The next hearing is set for 9 a.m. on August 29.

Judge Burns also separated out a criminal case involving Schlitterbahn maintenance workers David Hughes and John Zalsman. The pair were charged with providing false information to investigators. Their case is set for trial on Oct. 15.