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Birthright volunteer perspective

In a fast paced world of ever changing values, the philosophy of Birthright has remained reassuringly consistent for 49 years: “The essence of Birthright is love. Birthright is unique and committed to offering free, non-judgmental help to women facing unplanned pregnancies. Birthright offers love, hope and support to each woman, to help her make a realistic plan for her future of her unborn child.” Having started volunteering a year ago, I find these words to be put to practice daily at our Birthright of Greater Kansas City.

As an adoptee and mother of three, I always considered myself a supporter of “life” but chose not to get into the divisive political fight. I thought the answer was to change hearts and minds, but other than donating some diapers and praying more, I never took any discernible action. When I realized the organization I had been donating diapers to was walking distance from my house and my work hours somewhat flexible, I decided perhaps God was shining a light to tell me that my path to action was clear.

I found at Birthright a group of diverse women with unique perspectives and approaches brought together by similar desire to make a difference for women and children in our culture that increasingly does not want “life” considered one of the choices. At Birthright we are not instructing, judging, or demanding anything of those who come to our door; we simply listen, support and are present. Some young women from troubled backgrounds have never had this type of encounter.

We have an uphill battle to continue to make sure our name is known, both to the young women who may face an unexpected pregnancy and to those who might not understand that supporting life and being pro-woman go hand in hand.

–Elizabeth Ong