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Tour the Holy Land of Israel


From the Heartland to the Promised Land!

Have you dreamed of walking in the footsteps of Jesus? Did you ever think it possible to visit the site where God’s chosen people entered the Promised Land of Israel? Have you wondered if you could step back in time and wade through Hezekiah’s Tunnel or walk the ancient streets of Jerusalem as they were at the time of Jesus or visit his boyhood home of Nazareth and touch the actual village wine press he would have stomped grapes in as a teenager?

All this is possible.

There are truly few places on earth that have the capacity to affect a life as does the Holy Land – Israel. Here you find a unique collision between the ancient and the future. From walking the avenues of modern Tel Aviv, to stepping onto the now uncovered street that Jesus walked upon or touching your hand in contemplative prayer on the Western Wall, the breath of culture and history represented in this land is absolutely staggering. You truly see God’s hand and movement through time.

To a person, you will hear the testimony that one returning from a journey to the Holy Land is forever changed. It is truer than those words can convey. The Bible now comes to life. You see clearly those things that only previously seemed veiled. You see in color what had been only black and white.

Here, Anita and Emma hold a Star of David, sewn and framed by Anita’s mom while Anita visited Israel for the first time in the 1980s. Pictured left to right, Dwight, Anita, Emma and Hannah.

There is an abiding appreciation and connection to the promises of God, His chosen people, and the life and work of His Son Jesus Christ.

Join Dwight and Anita Widaman for a spectacular visit to the Holy Land and experience all this and more. We’ll be staying at some of the best 4-star hotels and eating the most exquisite cuisine.

The tour departs Kansas City (or your own city) Sept. 14 with a direct flight from Newark/New York International Airport. Dates are Sept. 14 with return to the US on Sept. 24.

Day 1

Depart the US and fly non-stop with United Airlines on their new 787 Dreamliner to Ben Gurion International Airport, Tel Aviv. Our 10-hour flight will arrive the following morning allowing you to sleep overnight. Your flight will include dinner and breakfast, plus beverages. Bags are checked all the way through to Israel so you don’t have to lug them around the airports.


Day 2

We will land at 10:15 a.m. at Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv where we will be met and greeted by a representative of Lipkin Tours who will welcome us to Israel and introduce us to our tour guide and coach driver and assist us through customs.

We begin our adventure!

Leaving the airport we will drive through Israel’s heart and experience the rolling hills and the coastal plain with our first stop in Caesarea for orientation and exploration of Herod’s seaside palace complete with hippodrome and more. We’ll enjoy lunch then continue east to the summit of Mt Arbel for a breathtaking view of the entire Sea of Galilee and beyond into the Golan Heights.

Dinner, relaxation and fellowship and overnight in a 4-star Galilee Hotel.


Day 3

Nazareth Village

Mount Precipice

Our day begins at Tzippori, a village with rich and diverse historical legacy including the “Mona Lisa of the Galilee”. We will next visit Nazareth Village–a reconstructed Jewish village replicating the village that Jesus grew to manhood. Here you’ll see the actual wine press used in Nazareth while having lunch similar to the times of Jesus. We will stop at Mount Precipice where an angry mob attempted to throw Jesus off a cliff after his bold proclamation in the Nazareth synagogue. We will continue to Mt. Carmel where the Prophet Elijah defeated the Priests of Baal (1 Kings 18:17-40). The next stop of the day will be to Megiddo, where Jesus will return to earth and defeat the Antichrist (the “beast”) in the battle of Armageddon. The final stop of the day will be En Harod, Gideon’s Spring in Judges 7.

Overnight in Galilee Hotel




Day 4

We will begin the day at Migdal, the birthplace of Mary Magdalene and visit the ancient synagogue she and Jesus attended for prayer. We then tour Tabgha, the place of the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes and the feeding of the 5,000. Next, we visit the Mt of Beatitudes where Jesus delivered the Sermon on the Mount. From there we will travel to Church of the Primacy, which marks the spot of Jesus’ reinstatement of Peter as chief among the Apostles. Following this we will enjoy a special lunch (included) at St. Peters Fish Restaurant along the shore of the Sea of Galilee! We continue to Capernaum, which in Jesus’ time was a flourishing border town. We journey on to Korazim, a town cursed by Jesus, and view a grand basalt synagogue and the only “Seat of Moses” ever found. From there we will visit Kursi – an archaeological site containing the magnificent ruins of a Byzantine monastery and

Boat ride and worship on the Sea of Galilee.

identified by tradition as the site of Jesus’ “Miracle of the Swine“. We will end the day by enjoying a boat ride from Ein Gev to Tiberias on the Sea of Galilee–an experience you will never forget!

Overnight at the Galilee hotel




Day 5

The earthquake that leveled the city, toppled these massive columns. They rest today exactly where they fell and are a good place for you to rest.

Today we travel to Bet Shean, a biblically significant place in the battle of the Israelites and Philistines (King Saul’s head was placed at the gate to the city) and later a Roman Decapolis City–now considered one of the best ancient Roman ruins outside Italy. We will then travel to Argaman and learn about a mysterious Israelite footprint structure that was discovered there. Our next stop will be Jericho, the world’s oldest continuously inhabited city. We will visit Taysir Saada, author of “Once an Arafat Man”, and hear his story from Islam to faith in Jesus and his establishing a Christian Center providing humanitarian aid and schooling for Arab children. Nearby is Kaser el Yehud, the very place the Jewish people crossed into the Promised Land of Israel and site of the immersion of Jesus. We will end the day in Genesis Land for a traditional Bedouin dinner (included) and hospitality and be taken back to the Biblical times of Abraham as we listen to stories from the Old Testament.

Check-in and overnight at 4-star Jerusalem Hotel


Day 6

Today we will tour the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem. We start in the City of David excavations. Directly below we enter the astounding Hezekiah’s Tunnel ending 1800 ft. at the newly discovered Pool of Siloam. We will walk “underground” through the Herodian Canal stairway ascending to the Southern Wall of the outer walls of the Temple. A short walk takes us to the Jewish Quarter to tour the Temple Institute where we will view the temple vessels, furniture, garments and history and learn how preparations have been made for Jesus’ coming in anticipation of

the rebuilding of the Third Temple. We will then visit the Burnt House belonging to Priests that stood in the Temple times with a wonderful media presentation that will take us into the fiery story culminating with the destruction of the Temple and Jerusalem. We then make our way to the

Excavations continue to unearth the City of David.

Kotel (Western Wall) Tunnels for the unveilings of the underground stones, streets

and storefronts that Jesus walked on and passed from the Temple times. It’s like an underground city!

Overnight at Jerusalem Hotel





Day 7

We will begin the day at Yad Vashem, the World’s Holocaust Remembrance Center. Next, we will visit the Friends of Zion Museum, which explores through a high-tech media presentation the restoration of the Jewish homeland and non-Jews who had a role in its creation. We will take a walk through Mahane Yehuda–Jerusalem’s big bustling market where we will see ordinary Israelis and their preparations for the sabbath (Shabbat) in full swing. We will then welcome in Shabbat at the Kotel enjoying the atmospheric prayers and song and a Shabbat dinner and service.

Overnight in Jerusalem


Day 8

Mount of Olives

We will begin our day on the Mt of Olives visiting the Ascension Chapel, Pater Noster and Dominus Flavit: important sites in the Life of Jesus. Our next stop will be the Garden of Gethsemane which is at the foot of the Mt. of Olives. We will then visit Church of Saint Peter in Gallivant – an ancient church located on the site of Caiaphas’ House on the eastern slope of Mount Zion. Following this we will visit Kishle, the newly identified authentic place of the Trial of Jesus. We end the day at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre – the traditional site of both the crucifixion and the tomb of Jesus of Nazareth. We will then visit the Garden Tomb.

Overnight at Jerusalem hotel


Day 9

Upon arriving in the Dead Sea, we will ride cable cars to the top of Masada, King Herod’s fortress palace in the Judean Desert. We will see with our own eyes the

Herod’s fortress palace Masada

remnants of the Zealots who stayed the Romans for three years during the Jewish Revolt that resulted in the deaths of over 400,000 and the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. We will then hike through the beautiful Ein Gedi nature reserve (if you wish), where King David hid from King Saul (Samuel 1 23:29) and view the very same landscape and waterfalls (you can even wade in). We will visit Qumran, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered, and

The Dead Sea–lowest place on earth.

our final stop of the day will be the Dead Sea to enjoy a float in the relaxing waters and the lowest place on earth!

Overnight at Jerusalem hotel


Day 10

Ancient Shiloh

Today we will tour Samaria. Our first stop of the day will be Bethel to visit the site of Jacob’s Dream of The Ladder. From there we will proceed to Ancient Shiloh, the site where the Tabernacle stood for 369 years and what was once the center of Jewish life. We will then make our way to Mount Gerizim to learn about the Mt of Blessing and enjoy the lookout viewing Shechem,

Gideon’s Spring

Jacob’s Well and Joseph’s Tomb. We will travel to Ancient Jaffa and visit the ancient port where Jonah set off in the ancient Biblical story and discuss Peter’s vision.

Jaffa, where Jonah set sail.

We end the day with Farewell dinner (included) and departure to the US


Day 11

On your flight home, which again includes dinner and breakfast, you’ll have time to reflect on the wonderful trip and give thanks to the Lord for the opportunity to visit the Holy Land.

Arrival at Newark International and morning connecting flights to your home city. Those flying back to Kansas City arrive mid-morning.

Cost and what’s included

Considering a spiritual and educational journey to this amazing place evokes serious reflection and thought. There are costs to consider, time to commit and soul searching to be done. But this is the Holy Land where God walked in the form of the man – Jesus.

All of these surely work together for the good, for the reward of such travel is a deep stirring of the soul – something that is difficult to measure in mere human terms.

It is possible and we want to help make it a reality for our friends, family and readers of Metro Voice.

The land portion of the 11-day trip is just $2595.

Land price includes:

  • 9 exciting days of touring
  • ALL entrance fees to sites including churches, national museums and archaeological digs special events and more!
  • 8 nights (all lodging) 4-star hotels
  • Air-conditioned premium travel coach
  • Licensed tour guide
  • Licensed coach driver (licensed through the Israeli government)
  • All breakfasts
  • All dinners
  • Special St. Peter’s fish lunch overlooking the Galilee
  • Genesis Land Bedouin dinner and entertainment
  • Last night farewell celebration dinner

Not Included:

  • Tips for hotel, driver and tour guide (We will collect tips from each passenger beforehand to make it easy for you)
  • Lunches (except for St. Peter’s Fish Restaurant which is included)
  • Flights. (We have secured a fantastic group rate round-trip from Kansas City reserved at $1495. It is regularly $1923). Flights from other cities may be similar and we can help you make changes. All flights will arrive in Newark/New York International for the direct flight to Israel. International flight is only 10 hours, 20 minutes long. If you want to extend your stay or travel through and stop in another city (like Rome, London or Paris) on your way home, let us know and we can get pricing for you.

For more information and our special rates with United Airlines, call Dwight and Anita at 816-524-4522 or email dwight @ metrovoicenews.com. You may also just click HERE to communicate with us.

The Tour is now approaching capacity.

Please call to inquire about availability.

Due Dates:

Airfare (per person):
Deadline has been extended!  $200 per person.  Refundable up until June 15.
This deposit is made to us and we transfer the money to the airline broker in one large payment for all flights.
May 1: $700
June 15: Balance due
Land Tour (per person):
Feb 15: $300 per person due to Lipkintours.com
April 10: $1500 per person
July 1: Balance due
Because of the government shutdown, we can work with the tour company if you do not have a passport. Passports generally take 4-6 weeks to obtain but the Post Office has informed us they are getting them in 2-3 weeks but there is no guarantee.

Prices based on 25 people.