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KC Welcomes its First Christian, Urban, FM Radio Station

It was a hard road that led to God’s goodness


By Kharissa Forte | Metro Voice


On Friday, Feb. 28, Concrete Truth Community Network will host a support party in honor of their new radio station, Praise 95.3FM. ¨The support party will be held at the View Community Center in Grandview at 7pm. Tickets for the party are $20 per person and can be purchased by clicking the “Access Granted” banner on the station website (www.Praise95FM.com). Tickets are sold online only (no door sales). The goal of the support party is to raise funds for the non-profit station and to celebrate the urban Christian station as the first of its kind in Kansas City.

The station is prepared to launch on Saturday, Mar. 15 and will have a webcast in addition to its radio frequency.

Composed of genres favorable among the urban core, KCPZ 95.3FM officially hits the airwaves on March 15.

The first of its kind, PRAISE 95 will consist of music ranging from holy hip hop and Christian rap to old school gospel and today’s favorite praise and worship.

Station manager Devon Price said that the station will be an outlet to uplift the community in ways other stations have yet to tap into.

Devon Price, Manager of Kansas City's new urban Christian music station.

Devon Price, Manager of Kansas City’s new urban Christian music station.

“Just its possibility shows God’s glory,” Price said.

Before Christ, Price lived a life of selling drugs, fighting and struggling in college. After spending four months sleeping in his car among other challenges, Price decided to give Christ a try.

Price said he knew that running his own radio station completely devoted to God-glorifying music was on the agenda for his life.

“Ten years ago, I was homeless,” he said. “This station is a testimony in itself. It gives hope.”

“It’s been a long road,” Price said in the announcement. “I’ve been in radio since 2003 and now Concrete Truth owns a radio station.”

Price has worked for several radio stations in Minneapolis and Kansas City, including KPRS and KMBZ.

PRAISE 95 is owned and operated by Concrete Truth Community Network, a non-profit organization with the goal of bringing about positive change in the Kansas City area.

Community Network is one-third of the Concrete Truth enterprise: Concrete Truth Studios and Concrete Truth Media incorporate videos, a magazine publication and events that serve as both an encouragement to the lost while also allowing fellowship for believers.

On Feb. 28, “Access Granted: The Praise 95 Support Party” was held at The View Community Center in Grandview, MO. The party allowed fans and future listeners to celebrate the endeavor with the PRAISE 95 team.

One of the biggest supporters of the station is Rev. Stan Archie, senior pastor of Christian Fellowship Baptist Church at 4509 Troost, in Kansas City, Mo.

“There are many voices that reach out into our community from abroad saying what’s best for us,” Archie said. “PRAISE 95 will offer biblically centered concrete truth that will provide insight for living a biblical life.”

Archie believes that the best way to reach the urban core is to use those who have made it as the example.

“Today, we are educated, experienced, adventurous people with passion that seems to never end,” he said. “We need even greater insight from the source that served as the foundation that led to our survival over the years.”

Archie expects 95.3 FM to reach the heart of its listeners with information that enriches the mind and provides guidance for a healthy and well spiritual life.

Later this year, a formal dinner will be held in which investors, businesses and those seeking a home for their on-air program can attend to learn more about how the station can benefit their own ventures.


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