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Media expert lays out 4 ways Trump will have Electoral College victory

Donald Trump has won the 2020 Elections by 311 to 227 electoral votes, if you only count legally cast ballots.

As of November 11, 2020, the Decision Desk has projected 279 votes for Joe Biden and 232 for President Trump. As much as I disagree with their numbers, I have to at least give the Decision Desk credit for including Alaska as a Trump win. Associated Press still has yet to admit Trump won Alaska by a landslide, and for Biden to win, he’d need to more than double this prior trend. With the vote well over half counted, it is a extremely unlikely.

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Jerry McGlothlin | Guest Column

While that is technically possible, it’s also technically possible for the entire liberal mainstream media to be converted overnight into 100% truthtellers. Highly unlikely.

There are 6 states that are quite close with the current numbers, including the wholesale fraudulent ballot tallies.

Four states have an average of one half of one percent differential in votes between Trump and Biden. They are Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

Two states average a point and a half differential, Michigan and Nevada, both with significant voter fraud.

Let’s analyze the numbers:

If you take all 6 states with a spread of about 1 and ½ percent spread between Biden and Trump, and get a recount, and if Trump rightfully prevails, we are looking at 311 electoral votes for Trump, far in excess of the 270 needed for a win.

But even if you take away any state with more than a 1% differential, Trump still wins with 289 electoral votes to Biden’s 249.

Here are the state-by-state breakdowns for the 4 states averaging a half of one percent spread:

Arizona has 11 Electoral Votes at in play, with more than 99% of the vote in, with a mere spread of 12,000 votes out of 3,330,571 total cast. That is razor thin, yet Associated Press has given the win to Biden, while ignoring the landslide Trump has in Alaska, in a classic AP liberal double standard.

In this .39% spread, Arizona should qualify for a recount by court order.

Georgia, with 16 Electoral votes at stake and more than 99% of the vote in, including the fraudulent votes, still shows Trump only down by about one third of  one percent: .28%. That means out of 5 million votes cast, there is only a 14,000 vote spread. Georgia statutes grant an automatic recount if a race is within one half of one percent and they rightfully granted a hand recount. Since Georgia is largely Trump country, we can now expect a substantial win from the recount. How dare Fox News, Decision Desk or AP call Georgia for Biden!

Pennsylvania has 20 electoral votes, and it is a hot mess! Probably the worst of the 50 states.

With 600,000 votes counted while barring any election observers, Trump still finished with only a .71% vote spread.

State statutes in Pennsylvania on recounts are not automatic but granted when requested by a sufficient number of registered voters. More than 99% of the vote is in, and out of 6,701,660 votes, this one is destined to have those nearly 7 million votes to be recounted.

This should be a slam dunk for Trump since 100,000 of those ballots had implausible return dates on them. Many were returned prior to the postmarked dates, requiring time travel beyond even Elon Musk’s ability.

Clearly, the courts can rule to discard all or some of the 600,000 votes in Democratic Philly and Allegany County.

Lest we forget, we have a very conservative Supreme Court now, with Amy Coney Barrett seated with her lifetime appointment, and ready to render a just ruling. Not a blind pro-Trump ruling, but a ruling that is honest and just, counting all the legal votes.

Wisconsin has more than 99% of the votes counted, and there is a .63% spread, which is razor thin, even with the illegal votes padded in that total. Unfortunately, Wisconsin doesn’t allow recounts for candidates, just on ballot questions. Clearly, the courts will need to intervene here.

That concludes the big close 4. Now for the next close 2 that are within about a 1.5% differential: Michigan and Nevada.

Michigan has 16 electoral votes at stake. The current count shows a 1.47% spread with 95% of the vote in and that includes massive voter fraud. Currently, the Trump election team has filed 131 signed affidavits of vote fraud, dispelling the media mantra of ‘baseless’ claims.

Nevada, with 6 electoral votes, is widely viewed as a hotbed of corruption with a 37,000 vote spread, with 95% of the vote in, showing 1.75% differential. But that spread quickly disappears when tossing out more than 10,000 voters who didn’t even live in Nevada when voting.

CONCLUSION amidst the collusion:

If granted honest recounts in the 6 close states, Donald Trump wins with 311 electoral votes to Biden’s 227, a landslide for the record books, of nearly 40% more votes.

But if Trump only wins the states averaging a half of one percent vote differential, Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, he still wins, 289 to Biden’s 249.

If Trump wins the close 6 states but does not receive judicial justice in Pennsylvania with its 20 electoral votes, he still finishes 291 to 247.

Still possible is for Trump not to receive justice in Pennsylvania or in the two states averaging a point and a half differential with the padding of illegal votes, Trump would finish 269 to 269 for a historic electoral collect TIE!

In Trump’s favor is that he has the largely conservative military vote coming in, and a final Trump card: The most conservative Supreme Court in our lifetime.

–Jerry McGlothlin is co-chairman of 20 Days to Save The USA and CEO of Special Guests, a conservative publicity agency established in 1985 located at https://specialguests.com

Video commentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xnrjy_24kQ/