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Kansas Police share story of their ‘most ridiculous call of 2019 (so far)’

The Lawrence Police Department recently shared their most ridiculous police call of 2019 (so far) — a road-rage standoff involving “Chad and Karen.”

The police took to Twitter with a thread that has been retweeted thousands of times, explaining their obvious frustration with a couple exhibiting extreme stubbornness:

Literally all they have to do is back up. Nay, all ONE OF THEM has to do is back up and the other one can go. By the time we arrive, the great parking lot standoff of 2019 has been going on at least 20 minutes.

Karen claims she can’t back up because her vehicle is too large and she will literally crash it. Karen is driving a *mini*van. Mini is emphasized because the van is not particularly large, and if Karen can’t back it up, maybe Karen should refrain from driving.

So a sergeant shows up to get more information on this “road rage in progress” call and as soon as he finds out what the issue is nopes out of there like the day old donuts just got set out at the gas station.

First of all, KAREN, we don’t have the legal authority to make either one of you move, this is private property. Second of all, grow up. Third of all, we’re leaving. Have a good night.

As far as we know, Chad and Karen are still sitting there. And so concludes the story of the most ridiculous call of 2019 (so far).