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First time in 100 years: Israel lacks a chief rabbi

chief rabbi

For the first time in more than a century, Israel has no chief rabbi. The incumbents, David Lau and Yitzhak Yosef, recently left office with no clear successors elected in their stead, ...

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News Briefs: Dems meeting on Biden; GOP to adjust pro-life position; Pandemic cost

news briefs electric car israel july dems biden

Today’s news briefs include Dems meeting about Biden; GOP to adjust pro-life position; Cost of the pandemic; Iran elects “reformer”. Democrats to meet on Biden’s candidacy Democrats in Congress are holding critical ...

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Democrats oppose bill requiring proof of citizenship to vote

republicans voter

House Democrats are blocking a bill requiring potential voters to prove their citizenship when registering. Safeguard American Voter Eligibility Act, known as the SAVE Act, is sponsored by Texas Republican representative Chip ...

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Wednesday meeting to discuss behind the scenes at the Missouri State Capitol

missouri session scenes

Are you wondering what the really goes on behind the scenes regarding the Missouri General Assembly? Liberty Link Missouri will hold a grassroots round table discussion titled, “The Truth Revealed,” on Wednesday, ...

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News Briefs: Glacier signs removed; Olympic track star, VP fact-check


News Briefs include signs about disappearing glacier removed; track Olympian makes history; VP fact-checked; Kids saved from trafficking; FBI participates in pride parade with nude marchers. Government removes signs that claim glaciers ...

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News Briefs: Supreme Court rulings; Terrorist attack on Russian churches & synagogues

supreme terrorist

Today’s news briefs include a terrorist attack on Russian churches and synagogues; Major Supreme Court rulings expected; Teamsters head to speak at GOP Convention; Foreer 21 struggles. Terrorists attack churches and synagogues ...

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New federal overtime rule may affect church employees


Although pastors may be exempt from a new federal overtime pay rule that will take effect on July 1, the new rule still may affect a church’s payroll for non-ministerial program and ...

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Daily News Briefs: Alan Jackson tour; Joe Manchin leaves Dems; Ukraine weapons; Big Tech donors


Here are today’s news briefs. They include the Chiefs at the White House; Joe Manchin ditches Democrat label; Alan Jackson and more. Major Democrat donor writes big check to who? One of ...

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Can we cultivate civility? Braver Angels aims at depolarization

Braver Angels aims to help regular people “disagree better.” It’s no secret that we live in a polarized world. Even if you ignore politics (good luck trying that), you’d also have to ...

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Beverly LaHaye, founder of CWA, dies at 94


Beverly LaHaye died Sunday, April 14 at the age of 94. She founded and lead the influential women’s organization Concerned Women for America, considered  “the nation’s largest public policy women’s organization.” “Mrs. ...

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Media Watchdog Reveals Google’s Alleged Election Interference


In a recent study, the Media Research Center (MRC) has brought to light concerning findings regarding Google’s purported manipulation of search results to promote leftist candidates and censor their opponents. The report, ...

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Are liberal or conservative Christians more politically engaged?

Forget what you’ve heard about conservative Christians taking over the country. This study turns conventional wisdom on its head about who is really politically engaged. I like tweets like the one below ...

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Keeping political disagreements friendly

political disagreements

Don’t lose your friendships over political disagreements. That’s the advice of Denise Grace Gitsham, a former Republican candidate for Congress who served in the George W. Bush administration. She offered her insights ...

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Report: Feds consider Bible purchases as link to potential terrorism

survey bible government

Evidence the federal government is spying on Americans has been released by The House Judiciary Committee and its Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government. Included is that it considered ...

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Super Tuesday results: Haley drops out, Biden faces pushback

haley super

Nikki Haley on Monday dropped out of the Republican presidential primary race. The move, which was hinted in previous days, came after a historic Super Tuesday for her and former President Donald ...

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Supreme Court unanimously rules Trump cannot be kicked off ballots

trump ballot

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled former Donald Trump cannot be banned from Colorado ballots.  The decision overturns a Colorado ruling that said he engaged in an insurrection and likely applies to ...

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Missouri Republican caucus is Saturday, Dems vote in late March

missouri caucus

Missouri Republicans will hold their presidential caucus on Saturday. Residents must have been registered to vote by February 19 to participate. Democrats head to the polls for a primary later in March. ...

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John Piper cautions against “political flag waving” in election year

Liberty piper east political relationships

As the election season heats up, author and pastor John Piper cautions Christians against what he calls “political flag waving.” In a recent episode of the “Ask Pastor John” podcast, Piper, who ...

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Governor, mayor continue to spar over Super Bowl shooting suspects

shooting bowl

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas continues to spar with Missouri’s governor over the shooting at last week’s Super Bowl rally. Missouri Gov. Mike Parson, who attended the event, said, “We can’t let ...

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Josh Hawley calls out Biden campaign for using TikTok

tiktok biden

Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley criticized the Biden-Harris campaign for joining TikTok despite banning it from most federal devices. “Hey, by the way, we just joined TikTok,” the campaign’s post on X read ...

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He Gets Us commercial kicked off conversation, which is what sponsors wanted

gets us

The He Gets Us commercials that aired during Sunday’s Super Bowl have drawn both local and national criticism but the producer is not backing down. Jason Vanderground of BrandHaven, the marketing firm ...

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Wheaton College responds to “woke” label

wheaton pronouns woke

Wheaton College is firing back after being labeled “woke” in a Fox News column.  President Philip Ryken called the claim “incendiary” in a statement. Columnist Tim Scheiderer wrote in his article that the school ...

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Jay Leno on political comedy: “I just stopped doing it”

jay leno

Jay Leno may have acknowledged why late-night comedy shows are losing viewers in droves: they’re just too political. In a recent interview, the legendary late-night talk show host expressed his opinion on ...

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Number of migrant “gotaways” equals population of Kansas City and St. Louis


The number of illegal immigrants who evaded authorities (known as gotaways) at the southern border last year is equal to the combined population of Kansas City and St. Louis, Missouri. The revelation ...

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Child care to gambling: Missouri Legislature has full agenda in 2024

missouri agenda private presidential primary

The 2024 Missouri legislative session began on Wednesday with a full agenda of issues that can have an impact on everyday life. What can Missourians expect? “There will be shenanigan days; hopefully ...

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