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Before the 2016 March of Remembrance began, over 600 marchers gathered in the courtyard of the Overland Park Convention Center.

Kansas City Day of Remembrance honors holocaust victims

What is the Kansas City Day of Remembrance?

Kansas City's March of Remembrance will, for the second year, join marches around the world that remember and honor Holocaust victims and say, "Never again..."

Kansas City’s March of Remembrance will, for the second year, join marches around the world that remember and honor Holocaust victims and say, “Never again…”

The purpose is to honor Holocaust survivors and their families. For the second year in a row, Kansas City will participate in this worldwide event known as March of Remembrance in the United States and March of Life in Europe.

We are becoming a remembering community in Kansas City to say to the Holocaust survivors and their descendants, “You are not forgotten. You are not alone. We will remember and we will not be silent for Zion’s sake.”

Everyone is invited to participate in the event. We are especially reaching out to the believing community of Kansas City – those who know and understand the importance of the Holocaust as well as the importance of the Jewish people beginning in the Old Testament, throughout history and now in their place in modern times. We also prayerfully hope that Holocaust survivors and their families will feel welcome to join us.

How to participate:

  1. Visit website: www.morkc.org
  2. Register prior to Sunday, May 7
  3. Encourage your family, friends, church, youth group, Sunday School class, Bible study group to attend as well
  4. Attend the free educational segment beginning at 1 pm.
  5. Walk in the March for Remembrance prayer walk beginning at 3 pm, which is also free.
  6. Attend the Evening of Remembrance beginning at 6 pm. This event is $15 per person and tickets are available by registering at www.morkc.org.



overland_Park_convention_centerThe events of the day will be held at Overland Park Convention Center, 6000 College Boulevard, Overland Park.

The survivor testimony and response segment will begin at 1 pm in the ballroom. We will view a short video concerning Holocaust history, hear survivor testimony from the children and friends of survivors, and perpetrator testimony from a second generation German citizen. We will witness a pastoral response and hear exhorting words to purpose to bless as today’s Righteous Among the Nations. At 2:30 pm, we will transition outside to the courtyard to prepare for the March of Remembrance. The march will begin at 3 pm. and be 1.2 miles with the possibility to only go half that distance. The event will be held rain or shine. Both the pre-rally and prayer walk are free, however, donations will be accepted to defray the event costs.

Evening of Remembrance begins at 6 pm, will be an experience of a powerful expression of Holocaust remembrance and honor. You will be moved by the beauty and elegance of Israeli and Jewish music, a professional Holocaust and liberation ballet and a symphonic string ensemble.

The keynote speaker is Sonia Warshawski , a Kansas Citiy-area resident and Holocaust survivor who was interned in the same camp as Anne Frank.

Sonia Warshawski

Sonia Warshawski

Sonia survived the Holocaust and now resides in Kansas City. At one time she was interned in the same concentration camp that held Anne Frank. Read Sonia’s story HERE.

Sponsors include Dramatic Truth Ballet Theatre, Church of the Nazarene Kansas City District, Metro Voice Newspaper and Love for Israel Relief Fund. To be a sponsor, contact Mike Schmid, admin@morkc.org, (913) 484-9843.