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Andy Stanley criticizes Southern Baptist Convention for ousting Rick Warren’s church

stanely rick

Andy Stanley, pastor of North Point Community Church in Georgia and son of Charles Stanley, is upset with the Southern Baptist Convention. He says the SBC shouldn’t have removed Saddleback Church after ...

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More states adding LifeWise Academy’s program of offsite Bible instruction for students


LifeWise Academy, a nonprofit organization that provides offsite Bible instruction to public school students during classroom hours, is expanding its program to more states. “Values of faith and the Bible are absolutely ...

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News Briefs: Woman found alive at funeral home; Hostages dead; India elections

woman funeral

Today’s news briefs include surprise result in India’s election, woman thought dead found breathing at funeral home, Pakistani Christian dies after mob attack, Baptists set to vote on resolutions. Woman about to ...

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No charges in DOJ investigation of Southern Baptists

charges southern

No charges will be filed against the Southern Baptist Convention after the U.S. Department of Justice completed an investigation. “On February 29, 2024, counsel for the SBC Executive Committee was informed that ...

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“SBC at a Crossroads” Rick Warren addresses problems in new video series

The Southern Baptist Convention has lost nearly a half-million members in the past year, which represents the largest decline in more than a century. Pastor and author Rick Warren is addressing the ...

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Saddleback, founded by Rick Warren, ousted by Southern Baptist Convention

The Southern Baptist Convention on Tuesday disfellowshipped Rick Warren’s Saddleback Church because it has a female pastor. SBC Executive Committee Chairman Jared Wellman said in a statement that the convention ousted the ...

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Southern Baptists disfellowship churches over sexuality, discrimination issues

southern churches left

Two Southern Baptist churches were disfellowshipped by the denomination this week The Southern Baptist Convention’s Executive Committee approved recommendations from the Credentials Committee to disfellowship College Park Baptist Church in Greensboro, N.C., ...

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Southern Baptists launch own version of popular online game Wordle to promote annual meeting


The Southern Baptist Convention has launched its own daily word game following the overnight success of Wordle. “We’re always looking for unique ways to promote engagement around the annual meeting,” Jonathan Howe, ...

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