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Bishop John Birmingham has a passion to save Kansas City's urban core both physically and spiritually. Birmingham continues to speak out in favor of prayer to highlight issue of violence.

Bishop Birmingham Offering Hope One Hood at a Time

Public Invited to Here’s Hope: Jesus in the Hood Evangelism Event

By Kharissa Forte | Metro Voice

It was the 90s. Bishop John Birmingham was far removed from his life of lust and violence, relinquishing it to serve Christ.
He stood just feet away from Freedom Fountain off of Cleaver and Swope Parkway. His voice boomed a message that echoed John 3:16. He spoke of love, of how Jesus died for our sins and how the passerbys could have eternal life if only they would accept Him as their Lord and Savior.
Hand raised, Bishop Birmingham prepared his lungs for another spiel.
That’s when he saw him.
A young man bee-lined in his direction. It was obvious by his demeanor and tight jaw that this guy was angry.
But bishop kept speaking.
The man stopped in front of him and listened.
When Bishop Birmingham finished, the young man looked him in the eyes and cried.
He reached behind his pants and revealed a 38-caliber, then placed it in Bishop’s hands.
That afternoon, he gave his life to Christ.
Nearly twenty years later, Bishop Birmingham can still be found hitting the streets preaching the gospel to young gangsters, prostitutes and drug addicts.
On June 28, he will host his first corporate event. Here’s Hope KC: Jesus in the Hood Evangelism will be held from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. and is sponsored by Bishop Birmingham’s church, Harvest Connection Ministries, and Milestone Youth Center.
“I’ve always believed in the master plan of God concerning evangelism,” he said. “This, along with prayer, is the solution to saving our neighborhoods and our city.”
Birmingham’s actions are prompted by what he calls a spiritual problem in our city.
“I give applause to the mayor and police department, but it’s going to take more. It’s going to take the power of prayer to get them to put down the guns,” he said. “We’re going out on the land praying for God to restore the city one hood at a time.”
Birmingham said that churches need to really heed the command of Matthew 28:19-20.
“A spirit of apathy and insensitivity has caused us to draw away from our primary purpose,” he said, “but the church is a supernatural agent of God to bring a supernatural transformation to the neighborhoods.”
With 2 Chronicles 7:14 as the theme scripture, Birmingham plans to continue to host the event at various projects across the Kansas City metro and chose Wayne Minor Projects (13th and Vine) as the location for the first Here’s Hope KC event.
Chief Randy Hopkins of KCPD’s homicide division will speak at the event about community safety and will teach participants how to respond to crime in an effective manner.
“There will be several testimonies from ex-gang members and drug dealers,” Birmingham said.
One of those testimonies will be by Milestone Youth Center’s Mike Bobbitt who will speak about how gang violence personally impacted his life.
Free food will be provided.
Local rappers God’s Anointed Soldiers, Vintage Singers of Sheffield Assembly and Evangelist Diane Birmingham will entertain the crowd.
Bishop Birmingham encourages anyone who wants to attend to come out and get busy about the Father’s business.
“It’s about going beyond the walls and reaping the harvest,” he said.
For information call 816-604-0463.