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    ‘Keep God in your life’ is the secret says couple married 82 years


    Willie Williams’ joy was palpable as she spoke about the first time she met her 103-year-old husband, Daniel W. Williams. At 100 years old, the devout Christian woman can’t remember all the details ...

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    National Easter Egg unveiled by First Lady Melania Trump

    easter egg

    Did you know the United States actually has a national Easter Egg? It does and the 42nd annual commemorative egg designed for First Lady Melania Trump was unveiled Wednesday in advance of ...

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    ‘Crown of thorns’ saved from Notre Dame by hero priest

    A French priest who provided comfort to victims during the 2015 Paris terror attack was hailed as a hero after he risked his life by dashing into the Notre Dame cathedral that ...

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    Stairs that Jesus climbed in Potius Pilate’s palace visible in Rome


    The bare, white marble of Rome’s ‘Scala Sancta,’ which are believed to be the stairs trod by Christ on the day of his trial and death, are exposed and visible to pilgrims ...

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    If aliens exist, does God’s salvation plan cover them?


    Everyone from Billy Graham to C.S. Lewis have speculated about aliens and, should they exist, do they fit into God’s plan of salvation. Scientists have hypothesized that there could be billions of ...

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    ‘State of Faith’ recounts 20 Centuries of Christianity

    state of faith

    A carpenter’s son was their leader — this small group of “rebel” Jewish men including a tax collector, a tentmaker, and some fishermen who were committed to following Him, even unto death. ...

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    Have millions of Christians been misled about the second coming of Jesus?

    We’ve heard it taught for years. Jesus is coming like a thief in the night, so be ready. He could come at any moment, without any warning, so stay alert. You don’t ...

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    The danger of religion in church

    “Come on.  Let’s go!”  Every Sunday morning, including every Easter, since I was three years old all six of our family were rushing out the door to church.  In the early years, ...

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    Why a new generation needs the Apostles’ Creed


    Ours is an age of mass spiritual confusion. Our culture became increasingly secularized and pervasively confused in recent years. A progressive revolution blurred the lines between reality and fiction. Entire Christian denominations ...

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    Prayer closet all that remains after deadly tornado


    The deadly, monster EF-4 tornado that recently tore through Lee County, Alabama, devoured nearly everything in its path. But one Christian family miraculously survived – huddled inside a prayer closet that was ...

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    Secretary of State Pompeo: God may have raised up Trump like He raised up Queen Esther

    Secretary of State Mike Pompeo told CBN News in a sit-down interview that it is very possible that President Trump is a modern-day Esther poised to defend Israel and save the Jewish people. CBN‘s ...

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    The big debate: is cremation Christian?


    Preference for cremation in the United States has risen dramatically in recent decades but the historical trend is even more startling. Just over 150 years ago there were less than 45 cremations ...

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    Former ‘Prince of ISIS’ turns to Christ after a God dream: ‘I Saw a love that didn’t exist in Islam’

    A “Prince of ISIS” has done what many would consider unthinkable, making a commitment to turn away from his horrifying past to unite with a new way of life through Jesus Christ. ...

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    The Easter fire of St. Patrick that led to Ireland’s conversion

    Not long after St. Patrick returned to Ireland to preach the Gospel to the pagan population, he made preparations for the celebration of Easter. It was customary for Christians to light a ...

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    EXAMINING OUR VALUE Part II: Why are we here and what is our purpose?

    Last month we began exploring the question: Why are we here and what is our true purpose in this world? Have you ever questioned that or experienced times when you have felt ...

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    Legislator hopes to increase biblical literacy among students


    Is biblical literacy important in society? Last March, the Wall Street Journal’s (WSJ) Timothy Puko wrongly reported that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke of Moses bringing “water from Iraq.”  In reality, Netanyahu ...

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    Dana Perino shares her faith in interview

    perino faith

    While most of us are counting from one to 10, she’s counting from “I” to “me.” Dana Perino, who served as former President George W. Bush’s press secretary before launching a career ...

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    Actress Patricia Heaton emotional hearing testimony of forgiveness


    Actress Patricia Heaton was utterly overwhelmed with emotion after meeting with a woman who says she has totally forgiven the man who murdered her entire family. The Rwandan genocide broke out in ...

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    Only 1 in 4 Christians acting out their faith at home


    Twenty-five percent of professing, practicing Christians live in households that regularly pray and practice Bible reading together and conduct outreach together to others, while 28 percent live in a home that does ...

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    ‘Men and women are different’: Wrestler forfeits match rather than wrestle girl


    Brendan Johnston of The Classical Academy in Colorado says he’s never competed against a girl.  When presented the opportunity to wrestle Jaclyn Gallegos in the Colorado state wrestling championships last weekend, and move ...

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    God believes in miracles. Do we?

    god miracles

    “How quickly we forget God’s great deliverances in our lives. How easily we take for granted the miracles He performed in our past.” Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this ...

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    EXAMINING OUR VALUE: What is the place of the Church and Christians in today’s society?

    Many people gravitate towards the idea of helping the poor within our community, nation and world. However, do we really understand who the poor are, and what poverty and suffering really is? ...

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    The secret to Chick-fil-A revealed by founder’s daughter

    chick fil a

    The daughter of Chick-fil-A’s founder is revealing some valuable life lessons from her father and the source of the company’s impressive success. Trudy Cathy White’s new book, “Climb Every Mountain: Finding God ...

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    Billy Graham still leading others to Christ

    notable deaths library

    Rev. Billy Graham is still leading people to Christ almost a year after his death. February 21 marks one year since Graham died at age 99. It was the most high profile ...

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    You find what you are looking for

    you find

    You will see me and find me when you seek me with all your heart—Jeremiah 29:13 (NIV). While cleaning house recently, I tuned my TV to a local news broadcast. My attention ...

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