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    Sarah Palin discusses pending divorce in interview with James Dobson


    Sarah Palin, former vice-presidential candidate and governor of Alaska, found out that her husband was seeking a divorce when she received an email from an attorney. Palin discussed her ongoing situation with ...

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    Founder’s son-in-law speaks out on why he left Church of Scientology


    The Church of Scientology recently increased its profile in the midwest by relocating to a historic building at Kansas City’s 18th Street and Grand Blvd. Now a former leader is speaking out ...

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    Branson is the perfect place to blend two Christmas family traditions


    Traditions are fantastic opportunities for families to grow together and bond with common experiences. Enjoying and creating them becomes even more meaningful when two people combine those traditions in a marriage. My ...

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    The believer behind the charm of Brookside and Kansas City’s largest Bible study


    Did you know Kansas City’s Brookside neighborhood is Christian? At least, its houses are. Baptist, to be precise. Behind the magical peaked roofs and Tudor-style European designs, their architect was a strong ...

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    Cameron, Mo., football coach under fire for prayers at games

    football prayers

    Another football team is under scrutiny for its coach-led prayers. The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) said it received a complaint from someone in the Cameron, Mo., community concerning the alleged actions ...

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    Neighborly Faith movement seeks to build bridges between evangelicals and Muslims

    evangelicals muslims

    Evangelical Christians should focus on being friends with Muslims before attempting to evangelize them, according to speakers at recent conference at Wheaton College. “Muslims are not a mission or a project that ...

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    Leading pastors join Open Doors in prayer for persecuted church

    open doors

    Open Doors ministry has launched a major prayer campaign for the persecuted church featuring more than 20 of America’s most influential pastors, teachers and ministry leaders. Each leader appears on video offering ...

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    Sexuality issues again dominate agenda at recent United Methodist Church Judicial Council meeting

    methodist denomination

    Sexuality seems to be the one topic that never goes away for the United Methodist Church. Earlier this year, the church’s top court upheld much of the Traditional Plan, strengthening the denomination’s ...

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    Slugs and bugs and kids and faith


    Two new books have been released in the popular Christian children’s series Slugs & Bugs. “The Society of Extraordinary Raccoon Society” and “The Society of Extraordinary Raccoon Society on Boasting,” are the latest creations ...

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    YouTube is how millions are seeing The Bible Project videos, and it’s amazing

    Millions of people worldwide are being reached by an animated video called The Bible Project. The success to promote it to such a wide extent through the support of crowdfunding and its viral ...

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    Harriet Tubman embraced faith, not fear, to free slaves

    tubman faith

    Harriet Tubman is remembered for her role in establishing the Underground Railroad and helping slaves find freedom. What is less well known is how she was motivated by her strong faith. That ...

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    Former high school football coach continues fight for freedom to pray

    football coach

    A former football coach in Bremerton, Wash., who was suspended in 2015 because of public prayer, is continuing to fight for his right to combine faith with football. “At the beginning. it ...

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    Former basketball star Lamar Odom shares ‘miraculous recovery’ from troubled past


    Lamar Odom rose to fame as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, and later, for marrying one of the Kardashian sisters. Although he appeared to have it all, his personal life ...

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    Survey finds success for graduates of Adult and Teen Challenge addiction program

    teen challenge

    A landmark survey confirms the success of the faith-based Adult and Teen Challenge USA addiction recovery program.  The survey coordinated a measured the effectiveness of the Adult and Teen Challenge program by assessing the well-being ...

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    Singer Lauren Daigle takes criticism in stride as singing career takes off

    daigle criticism

    Christian singer Lauren Daigle is learning that the higher you climb, the bigger the target you become. Now that secular radio stations are playing some of her songs, she faces questions of ...

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    Cambridge professor defends Gospels, challenges British public to rethink Jesus

    gospels jesus

    A leading theologian has claimed there is compelling evidence for the reliability of the Gospels, and spoken directly to the growing public perception of those who doubt Jesus’ existence. Peter Williams, Principal ...

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    Evangel University receives Torah scroll that survived Holocaust

    torah scroll

    A Christian university and seminary is thankful for the donation of a Torah scroll for use in research and academic studies. The Assemblies of God Theological Seminary of Evangel University was recently ...

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    ‘Sign from God’: Iranian finds Christ after ‘miracle’ of seeing Lord’s Prayer in movie

    lord's prayer

    After seeing the Lord’s Prayer in a Hollywood movie, an Iranian man was led to accept Christ as his personal savior. In 2016, “Bahram,” an Iranian man, saw the movie Hacksaw Ridge. ...

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    Vacation in paradise takes unexpected turn with disturbing dream, Maasai warriors, and a powerful encounter with God


    Peter and Tammy Russell work with Wild Hope International in Tanzania after spending years working with Kenya’s Maasai. Peter enjoys training Christian leaders and potential leaders “in the life of radical faith,” ...

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    Nationals’ Anthony Rendon has higher priorities than playing in this week’s World Series


    Anthony Rendon, like the rest of his teammates on the Washington Nationals, is playing in the World Series for the first time this week. After the season, he is expected to land ...

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    Former All-Star pitcher Barry Zito finds redemption on and off the field


    The World Series, which begins this week, showcases the best players in baseball at the pinnacle of their careers. However, Barry Zito, a former All-Star pitcher, understands that along with fame and ...

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    ‘When I was a woman, I wasn’t free.’ Man now regrets gender re-assignment surgery, warns others


    A Christian man is calling for more caution from medical and mental health services after undergoing irreversible gender re-assignment surgery, which he now bitterly regrets. His story represents a stark warning to ...

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    ‘Fulfillment of prophecy,’ say Christians in Israel celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles

    Tens of thousands of Christians from around the world are in Israel this week as Jews celebrate the biblical feast of Sukkot. Many of the Christian believers have come to see prophecy ...

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    Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation shares his legacy of faith with a new generation


    President Ronald Reagan had a favorite quote inscribed on a plaque that he kept on his desk it the Oval Office: “There is no limit to the amount of good you can ...

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    Secretary of State Mike Pompeo shares insights into being a Christian leader


    It would be hard to find someone with a more challenging job today than Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. From Syria to Hong Kong, the world faces daily crises that demand his ...

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