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#FlipThisDecision Campaign Calls on HGTV to Reinstate “Flip it Forward”

Network’s Act of Intolerance and Discrimination Against Faith-Driven Benham Brothers Has No Place in American Rainbow of Diversity

Raleigh, NC | Christian News Service | — Faith Driven Consumer, the group behind the IStandWithPhil.com movement which played a leading role in Phil Robertson’s return to Duck Dynasty, the successful #OpenZilla campaign for tolerance and inclusion at Mozilla, and the ongoing Year of The Bible Movie initiative tracking the commercial viability of major Hollywood films courting faith audiences — serves as an advocate for 46 million Faith Driven Consumers who spend $1.75 trillion annually. Following the sudden cancellation of the upcoming HGTV series “Flip It Forward” simply because the stars of the show, brothers David and Jason Benham, hold a biblical worldview on the issues of life and marriage, Faith Driven Consumer is announcing a brand new grassroots campaign called #FlipThisDecision to return the show to the network’s fall lineup.

“David and Jason Benham are well-qualified to star on an HGTV show, they are well-respected members of their community, and the network has invested time and treasure in developing ‘Flip It Forward’. Now, this project has come to a screeching halt simply because the Benham brothers hold a biblical view of life and marriage. This is pure intolerance, discrimination, and bullying toward those who hold to widely held and legitimate views. HGTV’s rash actions hold no place in America’s rainbow of diversity. Whether people agree or disagree with the Beham’s faith-driven perspective is beside the point; the Benhams have a right to have those views and to be treated equally with those who hold to other viewpoints. This is the very definition of tolerance,” said Chris Stone, Founder of Faith Driven Consumer and Certified Brand Strategist.

“Through its actions, HGTV is in conflict with its own stated core values of integrity and diversity, which emphasize ‘having a strong moral compass which points to character, honesty, ethical practice and accountability’ and hold that all are included in the ‘broad canvas of interests, backgrounds, lifestyles and ethnicities.’ This is the height of hypocrisy.

“We are launching #FlipThisDecision today and asking people to join us in a loud call for tolerance, fairness, and respect. The goal of this campaign is clear — we want to see ‘Flip it Forward’ returned to HGTV’s fall lineup and our fellow Faith Driven Consumers afforded their rightful opportunity to test their show in the American entertainment marketplace. We urge everyone to go to FlipThisDecision.com, sign up, and join the campaign for tolerance and inclusion.”

The #FlipThisDecision campaign can be found at: http://flipthisdecision.com



Photo: HGTV