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    Should Christians celebrate Halloween?

    Should Christians celebrate Halloween? Opinions differ between Christian leaders, lay people and church members. According to a poll taken on Facebook by  CBN News, 87% of believers feel that Christians should not celebrate ...

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    Lynda Randle: Finding a new voice


    Lynda Randle’s heart smiles as wide as her mouth when she remembers the kitchen table. That’s where her parents gathered all six siblings as they dug into the Word, usually the Psalms ...

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    Spared death, kidnapped girl made ‘slave for life’


    Kidnapped Christian schoolgirl Leah Sharibu will not be executed as threatened by a Nigeria terror group, Nigeria’s independent online newspaper, The Cable, reports. According to The Cable, the Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP) says instead, ...

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    Brownback: everyone can support religious freedom around the world


    Sam Brownback is a diplomat, chosen by the Trump administration to travel the world promoting religious freedom. But he sometimes describes himself as a salesman, and he thinks he’s got a great ...

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    Faith does affect words we choose on social media


    Are you more likely to use words like “happy” and “family” in your social media posts? Or do you use emotional and cognitive words like “angry” and “thinking?” The type of words ...

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    Former Punk Princess Avril Lavigne releases first song in five years – and it’s a worship song

    After a five-year break from her public career, singer-songwriter Avril Lavigne has released a powerful worship ballad titled “Head Above Water,” which recounts her battle with Lyme disease. In “Head Above Water,” ...

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    Adoption is central to the Christian mission


    Adoption has been gaining attention as a national priority in the United States. More than 160,000 adoptions take place each year, but there are still 135,000 children waiting for adoption in the ...

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    The faith of Christopher Columbus you don’t hear


    While thousands of people are celebrating Columbus Day, more and more people and cities are refusing to observe the holiday — including Columbus, Ohio. Instead, that city will use the day to ...

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    “Go to bed tired,” pastor tells men


    Matt Chandler is challenging men all across the country to start going to bed tired. In a recent sermon, the popular pastor explained why men should go to bed feeling drained and ...

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    Chinese communists rewriting Bible and hymns


    WASHINGTON — The Chinese government is supervising a five-year plan to make Christianity more compatible with socialism in which they are rewriting the Bible, a prominent religious freedom activist has told Congress. The ...

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    Conference will address families and the end times


    Many would agree that society is spinning out of control. How does that affect families, communities and the church? Some are asking if families have the tools needed to respond to challenging ...

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    ‘Hymn Festival’ to celebrate their comeback in churches


    Hymns are back, baby! Or so that is what church experts say recent trends show. After years of being banished from more contemporary church worship services, the tried and true hymn, that ...

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    Megachurch ditches 10 Commandments?


    “Kids, don’t follow the 10 Commandments.” It’s not a church teaching you would ever hear – until now. Andy Stanley, a megachurch pastor in Georgia, is under fire once again for downplaying ...

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    Bills’ Vontae Davis after sudden halftime retirement: ‘I choose to be grateful to God’

    Vontae Davis became the butt of 10,000 jokes on Sunday when it was learned that at halftime of the Buffalo Bills’ home-opening loss to the Los Angeles Chargers, Davis took off his uniform, put ...

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    Franklin Graham slams WSJ for fictionalizing Hell

    Rev. Franklin Graham reproved a recently published column in the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) for portraying Hell as a fictional, manmade concept – and warned skeptics about believing the columnist’s misleading assertion. WSJ columnist ...

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    Top 5 uncommon phone apps every Christian needs


    Are you looking for the best Christian apps for your smartphone or tablet? If yes, then you came to the right place. I personally use different applications that help me with my ...

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    ‘Great Awakening’ coming, say music artists


    Bethel Music, the contemporary Christian music group based in Redding, Calif., is known for its spontaneous worship style and countless online worship videos streaming all over the world. “I think God’s going ...

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    Underwater discovery of ancient church amazes archaeologists


    Archaeologists exploring a lake in Turkey have discovered a 1,700-year-old Christian church that could have been the site where a core tenet of Christian belief was established. The location, they believe, is ...

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    Josh McDowell to lead ‘The God Who Is’ conference


    Few Christians would deny that at some point in their life, they felt under attack for their faith. Many don’t have the tools necessary to counter those attacks, and therefore they shy ...

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    Real or fake? Kickstarter campaign tackles Shroud


    The Shroud of Turin, believed by many to be the burial cloth of Jesus discovered after his resurrection, is attracting new attention in Southern California from experts across the scientific, medical, and ...

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    Here’s why persecution of Christians in China is exploding

    funding chines

    This summer, Christians in China are experiencing an escalating wave of persecution unseen since Mao’s Cultural Revolution. “We’re seeing more persecution or a higher level of persecution,” said The Voice of the Martyrs ...

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    When you need to offer forgiveness


    The first step in forgiveness is to recognize your resentment against an enemy. You must understand who the enemy is and what he has done to hurt you. Then you must consciously ...

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    Instead of trafficking heroin man now smuggles Bibles


    A former smuggler involved in the international drug trade impacting Central Asia has opened up about how he went from trafficking illicit drugs like heroin to secretly selling Christian literature in hostile ...

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    ‘Jesus is on your side’ says Tim Tebow to fans

    tim tebow homerun baseball

    Pro-athlete Tim Tebow preached an inspiring message for fans on his Instagram page this week. Tebow starts out by comparing life to a football game in a video titled, “Jesus is on ...

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    Teen good Samaritan lost leg but not ability to forgive


    The life of Sean English Jr. changed in an instant on April 2, 2017 when he chose to become a good samaritan. That’s when the Christian high school junior and his parents ...

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