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    President sends warm Hanukkah greetings to Jewish community


    Against a backdrop of high approval ratings among Jews in the Holy Land, President Donald Trump has issued his Hanukkah greetings to the world’s Jewish community. A poll finds that Israeli Jews ...

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    How can the church use the visual arts to glorify the Lord?

    As Christians we sometimes have relegated the visual arts to the very fringe of life. We often dismiss our own creativity as impractical to the work of evangelism. But is this what ...

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    This muslim nation lives in peace with Jewish, Christian minorities

    Is it possible for Muslims, Christians and Jews to live peaceably together? Most would say no but one Central Asian nation is proving them wrong. Rev. Johnnie Moore, founder of the interdenominational ...

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    Family of missionary killed by tribe speaks out


    The family of an American missionary killed while trying to bring the gospel to one of the most isolated tribes in the world is speaking out. John Allen Chau, 27, took a ...

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    Woman proves Jesus IS the ‘Reason for the Season’


    The Spirit of Christmas lives and it proves our actions speak louder than words. Two grandmothers experienced the love of Christ last week when a stranger at a Walmart went out of ...

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    Being the best – a heart condition; What is God’s “best” for you?

    It has been a season of humbling recognition for Topeka Rescue Mission and we are grateful; recognition calling us out as the “best.” TRM Ministries has been recognized locally and nationally for the ...

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    Born dead, prayers sustained ‘miracle baby’ and his parents


    A couple thought the birth of their fifth child would go smoothly–just like the births of their other four children. But when doctors told them their fifth child wasn’t breathing after he ...

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    Four keys to being a dynamic coach on mission

    It’s Thanksgiving week – a time to eat amazing food with people we love…hopefully. It is also a time to express our gratitude for the blessings our Lord as given to each ...

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    Should stores be open on Thanksgiving?


    While some stores are making a point to shut down on Thanksgiving, many others are happy to be open and the trend seems to be growing for 2018. How should Christians respond? ...

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    Elected officials flip-flop on religious freedom


    The Religious Freedom Restoration Act is under fire from the very same Senators and Congressional Reps that previously voted for it it. The act, known as RFRA, was introduced in 1993 by ...

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    As ‘Season of Giving’ arrives, ministries ramp up


    Weather forecasters are saying this will be brutal winter for the region. Record snow and low temperatures included. That means more families in need, more homeless looking for shelter and more opportunities ...

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    Fireman battling his cancer ‘fire’ with faith


    Some say cancer spreads like wildfire. One Lenexa fireman is fighting his blaze not with hoses and ladders but faith, family and friends. Mike Wells is just 38 and a married father ...

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    Key to well-being? Being thankful


    Thanksgiving Day encourages us to pause in the busyness of life. We gather together with friends and family to feast on turkey and all the trimmings while we savor the goodness of ...

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    Newlywed couple killed in helicopter crash remembered


    A newlywed Christian couple who died just minutes after their wedding reception, have been honored in a memorial service that drew 2,000 people. According to ABC 13, friends and family payed their ...

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    How to be a peacemaker in your own life


    Are you a peacemaker? Conflict is unavoidable. Conflict happens between husbands and wives, parents and kids, brothers and sisters, Democrats and Republicans, employees and supervisors, CEOs and boards, pastors and leaders in ...

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    John Piper: How raising my hands transformed me


    Pastor John Piper recently shared a personal story about raising hands in church. It can be uncomfortable for many whether they’ve done if for years or not. Maybe visiting another church or ...

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    Would you pray for a persecuted believer in North Africa?


    To be a Christian in the Middle East and North Africa usually means you are discriminated against, ridiculed, marginalized, and in many places persecuted–even to the point of death. The believer who ...

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    When people hate Jews, they hate who Jesus is

    On the Jewish Sabbath last week, an anti-Semitic terrorist filled with hate murdered eleven worshippers within Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life Synagogue. It is being called the deadliest attack on Jewish people in ...

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    City Union Mission needs help with Christmas store effort

    City Union Mission is preparing their big Christmas outreach program. The ministry’s Christmas Store will open on Monday, November 26, at 9 a.m. for shelter guests, residents of their programs and income-qualified ...

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    Bible saved WWI soldier in more ways than one

    A Bible marked with bullet holes from a German machine gun saved the life of a British World War I soldier, his daughter has explained. The Bible belonged to Private Leslie Friston, ...

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    College student to speak on hit-and-run at church event

    Amber Wilhelm, a college student from Horton who miraculously survived a hit-and-run accident as a pedestrian, will give a testimony of God’s hand on her life during a special concert of praise ...

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    Colorado linebacker finds balance between football and faith

    Davion Taylor might have been great at football during high school, if he had actually played in games, rather than just practiced with the team. The extent of the linebacker’s talent, however, is ...

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    Can art prepare you for suffering?

    The problem of evil has long been a challenge to Christians. How could an all-loving, all-powerful God allow pain and suffering in his good creation? The question never remains theoretical, of course. ...

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    Something amazing is happening in Iran


    More Muslims have come to faith in Christ in this generation than in the last fourteen centuries of Islam combined. The Church in Iran is now estimated to be between 1 million ...

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    ABC News’ Dan Abrams to launch streaming sermon network


    Dan Abrams, founder of Mediate and ABC News’ chief legal correspondent, is launching a new streaming network called Ambo TV.  he servce will stream live Christian sermons. The outlet’s name, according to a ...

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