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Critics Bashed Mike Rowe for New Show on Christian Network — He Gets The Last Word With A Few Love Letters

Mike Rowe, the former star of “Dirty Jobs,” took to Facebook to launch a fiery response to critics of his new show, “Somebody’s Gotta Do It.” In a lengthy post, Rowe addressed four “love letters” to critics who bashed his new show for making a profit and being on a Christian Network, Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN).

Many seemed concerned that Rowe decided to host his show on a religious network. TBN launched in 1973 with “a mission of spreading the Gospel.” Today, TBN is available on 98 percent of household televisions.

One critic, Jeff Parks, called Rowe a “pawn to sell the current administration,” writing, “These Christian networks are QVC for Trump. You know this is true.”

Rowe launched a full defense of Christian conservatives, writing, “I think it’s fair to say a majority [of Christians] are conservative, but that doesn’t mean they carry water for Trump.”

Then, Rowe addressed Parks comment that Rowe knew TBN pedaled pro-Trump rhetoric, writing, “You overreach when you tell me what ‘I know to be true,’ versus what you believe to be true. You have no way of knowing what I know and what I don’t know.”

Parks was not the only critic to attack Rowe’s decision to host the new show on TBN. Critics wrote that Rowe’s decision “excludes and offends” them, adding, “I am not interested in your or anyone’s religion… Now you have sold your soul to a religious establishment.”

Rowe blasted the critic, writing, “If you’re not interested in the opinions of others, why do you suppose anyone would be interested in yours?”

A final critic felt that Americans like to “keep their head in the sand,” adding, “you have figured out a way to profit off one of the only things that tugs at their heartstrings.”

Rowe countered this point, writing that Americans are “not only informed about what’s happening in America, they’re sick of hearing about it 24/7.”

Clearly, Rowe is not afraid to address critics of his show, which aires Saturday nights on TBN. After all, somebody’s gotta do it.


  • Madison Dibble | ijr.com


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