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Deciding on the perfect layout for your home

If you’ve ever been on the hunt for a new home, you already know there’s a lot of important factors to consider. You’ve got to think about your family needs, lifestyle, budget, and so many other things that your life may revolve around. It’s not easy choosing the perfect layout for your home, but the process should be enjoyable and well-informed. The last thing you want is to end up disappointed because you didn’t weigh the pros and cons before deciding on your layout. Deciding on the perfect layout for your home involves several components and the following tips will help you.

Know Your Financial Limits

Purchasing a home as a first time buyer, or investing in a new home, is an exciting decision, but your budget should be at the forefront. Make sure that you know the limits to your budget. Is your budget hefty enough for the home and layout that you want? Is your budget confined to specific choices that you may have to compromise on? Are you willing to spend outside your budget to get what you want? These are all substantial questions that you need to take the time to consider. Much of these questions can be answered by taking the time to research what your budget can buy you.

Many times homeowners are easily swayed by upgrades they may see when viewing a new house. Don’t let the upgrades sway your decision beyond your budget. Most homes that come with upgrades will cost more because of their increased value. You may be enticed by a home with tremendous upgrades but it could also put a tremendous dent in your bank account. You may want to consider compromising and investing into upgrades later on, or find your inner handyman and install upgrades on your own or with the help of family and friends.

Your budget should have the final say when it comes to deciding what layout you will choose for your home. If you’ve got the money, go for it. If you don’t, do your research and see where you can find some wiggle room. Keep in mind that if you overspend in the initial stages of planning and buying your home layout, you may not have enough for the furnishings that you’ll need and want.

Size and Floor Plan

Size is a massive factor in deciding your perfect home layout. Assess your needs and wants and pick a size. There are many varieties of homes that will suit a person’s needs depending on their size.

If you’re not looking for anything large or a home that won’t size a full household, you can consider looking into condos or townhomes. These attached apartment-style homes offer multi-level living, and a sense of ownership. If you’re going solo, you may want to stick with an apartment and plan the layout of your home with the space you have. If you have a family and want the complete sense of owning a home, buying a two-story, split-level, or ranch style home may be the best choice.

The inside floor plan is another important aspect when deciding what your home layout will look like. A popular trend in recent years is the open-concept floor plan. This floor plan is structured just like it sounds. There are fewer walls separating the different rooms on each level, and instead the rooms flow into each other. This creates the illusion of a larger home and it’s a favorable choice for many moms who want to keep an eye on the kids while they’re in the kitchen. The open-concept floor plan can be arranged in different ways but the point is that the rooms will be all connected (for the most part) instead of being sectioned and separated by walls.

Consider Your Lifestyle

Don’t be too hasty in deciding on the perfect layout for your house without considering your lifestyle. The way you live plays a leading role in how your home will be used. Do you like to entertain and have guests? You will need to incorporate guest bedrooms, an entertaining area, or backyard deck.

Is entertainment and relaxation a major part of how you spend your time? If this is the case, you may want to have a man-cave, girl’s room, or a basement that’s been transformed into a game room. If you have children, a playroom can be a great room to add your home’s layout. You can also consider splitting one of the room’s in your layout to be an entertainment and playroom in one.

Don’t forget about any other special add-ons to your home. If disability plays a role in your life, take the time to choose a layout that incorporates ramps, elevators, and other easy-access entryways and home features.

Balance and Harmony

When you’re starting to plan and execute your desired layout, keep the laws of Feng Shui in mind. Feng Shui is the art of creating harmony and balance within your home. The first step is to clear any messes and de-clutter. Balance out the different features of your home in a way that brings you peace and rest. Feng Shui is traditionally associated with the four elements of fire, water, wood, earth, and metal. Incorporate these details into the different areas of your home layout. The principle of Feng Shui can be strictly adhered to, or you can make it your own but simply making sure you’ve created balance and harmony within the house.

Function and Style

Knowing the functionality of your home layout and tying your desired style into your layout is imperative. Always value functionality before style, otherwise you may end up with a home layout that looks good but doesn’t work for your needs. Is the layout you’ve chosen functional? Can you perform your necessary tasks like entertaining, cooking, relaxing, bathing, folding laundry, in the layout you’ve chosen?

This doesn’t mean you should discount your taste in style. Style also plays a major role in deciding what your perfect home layout will look like. Go with something that is functional yet appealing to the eyes and a place that you’ll want to call home.


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