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Mary Bryne, 80, may soon be on the lam from recycling police

Forget murder, Kansas City is going after recycling bins

As the homicide rate in Kansas City, Mo. skyrockets, the city has a more important criminal to apprehend–an elderly woman and her recycling bin.

KCTV reports the woman is being threatened with a fine and jail time for keeping her blue bin on her front porch.

Mary Bryne, 80, has lived on the corner of 41st Street and Genesse most of her life.

She says it’s convenient for her to keep her recycling bin on her front porch, especially on days like Monday when it can fill up with rain water.

Bryne said last week she received an order from the city to remove her recycling bin and a cooler from her front porch.

The notice says she’s subject to prosecution in Municipal Court, which could lead to jail time and fines up to $450.

Bryne keeps the recycle bin on her porch to protect it from the elements such as rain and snow, and animals that roam around at night.

“I just think it’s stupid that they would consider that a nuisance,” she said.

Steve Torre is her neighbor and criticizes the city’s decision.

“It’s pretty ridiculous the idea that the city would sell you a recycling bin and then cite you for putting it on your porch,” Torre said.

City of Kansas City Communications and Community Liaison John Baccala said the city is trying to prevent neighborhoods from looking cluttered.

“It’s just to try and keep an abundance of things off lawns, off front porches – because we don’t want the neighborhoods to look cluttered,” Baccala said.

Bryne says a neighbor made a complaint and that’s why the city sent out an investigator.

The television station reports that the recycling bin is now on the side of the house, out of reach for the 80-year-old who says she may not recycle again.

Over 30 individuals have been killed in Kansas City this year–a rate higher than many larger metropolitan areas across the nation.

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