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Man flees police, his pit bull turns and bites his rear

A man fleeing police instructed his pit bull to attack but the dog turned on him biting him in the butt, according to local reports.

Police in Riviera Beach, Florida, were investigating a burglary when they saw Avery Davis, 26, who matched their description of the suspect, according to the Palm Beach Post.

Davis was with his pit bull and was carrying hair care products. He was told by cops to lay on the ground and he complied while hugging his dog.

But after a few moments, he changed his mind and yelled at officers.

“Y’all gonna have to kill us,” he said to police before running off with the animal, according to the Post.

Davis was hit with a stun gun and fell to the ground.

Davis got up and ran off and then let go of his dog before pointing at the officers and saying, “Kill’em boy, kill’em,” the paper reported.

The dog instead attacked Davis, biting him in the buttocks and then attempted to bite his head. Davis ran into an apartment complex to hide, the police report said.

He was found hiding under an SUV and was hospitalized before being released into police custody, according to the New York Daily News.

Davis was charged with two counts of aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer and a count of resisting an officer with violence.

The dog is being cared for until a new home is found.