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50 survivors of Hamas massacre at music festival have taken own lives

hamas festival

Nearly 50 survivors of the Oct. 7 Hamas attack on a music festival have committed suicide. The shocking number comes as survivors gave testimony before Israeli lawmakers and the country struggles to ...

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Questions remain over ‘Jezebel spirit’ at men’s conference

men's conference

I arrived at my radio studio Monday to learn that social media sites were blowing up over the latest controversy involving Pastor Mark Driscoll. He had publicly called out the performance of ...

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The Dirty Dozen: List of sexually exploitative companies released

sexually exploitative

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation has released its annual list of 12 mainstream contributors to sexual exploitation. This year’s rankings includes big tech companies, online retailers and a U.S. law that ...

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Bodies of Kansas pastor’s wife and friend found in Texas

bodies wife

The bodies of a pastor’s wife, Jillian Kelley, and her companion Veronica Butler, who went missing in Oklahoma two weeks ago, have been found. The remains were found in rural Texas. The ...

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Masters champion says his faith makes him a champion with or without golf


Golfer Scottie Scheffler gave credit to his master after winning the prestigious Masters tournament on Sunday. “My buddies told me this morning, my victory was secure on the cross,” he said, according ...

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Former Israeli leader criticizes Biden Iran comments

biden iran

Naftali Bennett, the former prime minister of Israel and Netanyahu opponent, was not happy with the Biden administration’s explanation about Iran’s first-ever attack on Israel. Claims that Iran launched its attack as ...

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Extra precautions needed as Missouri hits top 10 in car thefts

car thefts

Missouri has earned the unenviable ranking of No. 10 in the nation in vehicle thefts. More than 27,000 cards and trucks were stolen last year, according to the non-profit National Insurance Crime ...

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Beverly LaHaye, founder of CWA, dies at 94


Beverly LaHaye died Sunday, April 14 at the age of 94. She founded and lead the influential women’s organization Concerned Women for America, considered  “the nation’s largest public policy women’s organization.” “Mrs. ...

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Springfield men’s conference kicks out Mark Driscoll for criticizing “stripper” pole

driscoll conference

Pastor Mark Driscoll, a guest speaker at a Springfield, Mo. men’s conference, was kicked off stage after comparing a sword-swallowing entertainment act to a stripper’s pole. The Stronger Men’s Conference is organized ...

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Five years after Notre Dame fire, Europe’s cathedrals still burn

notre dame fire

Today marks the anniversary of the fire that nearly destroyed Notre Dame – the iconic 850-year-old cathedral that has become the symbol of Christianity in France. The fire was ruled an accident ...

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Iran attack on Israel news round-up

Iran israel

Israel withstood a historic attack from Iran overnight that saw the skies lit up with Iranian missiles and Israel’s defensive missile system responding to them. Below are a news briefs to bring ...

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Naked biological male charged over Planet Fitness restroom incident

planet transgender

Charges have been filed against a biological man who identified as female after stripping “completely naked” in front of a minor girl inside a Planet Fitness women’s locker room. Christoper Allen Miller, ...

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Veteran NPR editor blows whistle on newsroom bias


A longtime National Public Radio editor has confirmed what most listeners already knew – as a “public” media entity, NPR does not reflect America. Democrats outnumber Republicans in the newsroom by a ...

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Actor James Woods questions growing list of LGBT holidays

james woods

Actor James Woods is expressing his frustration over a growing list of days dedicated to the LGBTQ agenda. His comments echo many after President Biden stirred controversy by designating Easter Sunday as ...

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Time to get moving: Activity benefits mental as well as physical health

mental health

Spring is a great time to get active and start losing weight gained during the long winter months. Exercise also contributes to better mental health. “Physical activity can improve many mental health ...

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Updated Vatican policy takes stronger stand against transgender surgery

vatican transgender

Transgender people who undergo surgery to change their bodies are violating God’s plan for human life, the Vatican announced this week. The announcement comes as many European countries, once leaders in promoting ...

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Daughter of Chiefs CEO lists God first in 25 life lessons

chiefs daughter

Gracie Hunt, daughter of Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt, has remained grounded in her faith despite her wealth and success. She started her own lifestyle and fashion brand called Living Gracefully, ...

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FBI details Idaho man’s ISIS plot against churches

idaho isis

An 18-year-old Idaho man is awaiting a court hearing for planning a “violent plot” for ISIS against 21 churches. In a release, the Department of Justice (DOJ) said Alexander Mercurio was plotting ...

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The federal push for massive mail-in prison voting

prison voting

A federal effort to register voters using the government’s vast reach, including throughout the U.S. prison system, is raising concerns from critics who have said it won’t benefit Democrats and Republicans equally. ...

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Spring in Missouri and Kansas means morel mushroom season


The spring hunting season has arrived in Kansas and Missouri – except people are hunting not for wild game but morel mushrooms. “It looks like we are settling in for some warmer, ...

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Kansas City-based NAIA enacts policy to ban biological males from women’s sports


The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics, which is based in Kansas City, will allow athletes to compete in women’s sports only if they were assigned the female gender at birth, the national ...

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Ministry helps combat ‘epidemic’ of fatherlessness

epidemic fatherlessness

Sean Teis, who was abandoned by his father at a young age, calls fatherlessness a national epidemic. “The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services says that fatherless children are at dramatically ...

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Freed Israeli hostage: ‘Gazan civilians sold me to Hamas’

gazan civilians

Nili Margalit, 42, on a tour of Europe to raise awareness of the 133 Israeli hostages still in captivity, told France’s Le Point magazine on Monday that it was Gazan civilians, not Hamas, ...

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White evangelicals have one of highest retention rates of religious groups surveyed

white evangelicals

White evangelicals have one of the highest retention rates of all religious groups, keeping three-fourths of their members last year, a survey by the Public Religion Research Institute found. Black Christians are ...

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Although a committed atheist, Richard Dawkins nevertheless prefers Christianity to Islam


Although author Richard Dawkins is a strident atheist, he regrets the waning influence of faith in Europe. You can watch the video below. “I call myself a cultural Christian,” the evolutionary biologist ...

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