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missouri ufo

Missouri deputies have encounter with “UFO” on its way to Roswell

Sheriff deputies in Crawford County in east-central Missouri did a double-take when they pulled over what appeared to be a flying saucer driving on Interstate 44. “These friendly humanoids, who have come in peace,” department officials wrote in a Facebook post.

The space car was headed to Roswell, N.M., through Crawford County for a festival, according to the post. The vehicle was spotted committing a lane violation and also had an expired license plate from Indiana, according to the sheriff’s office. The driver was given a written warning for the violations.

With the “wind/traffic of the interstate plus the size and aerodynamics of his vehicle, he understood that the potential for lane violations existed,” Public Information Officer Adam Carnal says.

Officers were able to snap a few photos of the traveling “UFO.”

“Given the good nature of the driver and the interesting nature of the vehicle, we opted to provide a fun social media post for our community,” Carnal said. “It was a great interaction, and we wished him safe travels to his destination.”

The post garnered more than 12,000 reactions on Facebook, with users marveling about the rare sight.

  • “Do not mess with the aliens;they might have death ray weapons,” one man commented.
  • “The aliens have landed,” a woman wrote.
  • “I think we can all agree if it doesn’t sound like the flying cars from the Jetsons, that’s a big missed opportunity,” another said.
  • I’ve seen some pretty wonky and fun pics from various police departments/state police of various vehicles on the roads going to events like these or wacky vehicle conventionsand things,” one woman commented.
  • “This is great! Love the sense of humor from your department,” one man said.
missouri ufo

Officers in Crawford County, Missouri pull over a UFO-looking vehicle during a traffic stop. (Crawford County Sheriff’s Office, Missouri)

Owner Steve Anderson built the spaceship-like car built from a 1991 Geo Metro. He draws crowds wherever he goes. The UFO car, complete with a glass canopy, shiny blue vinyl seats and an airplane-like steering yoke, quickly gathers onlookers at gas stations and car shows. Anderson, who runs a garage and has a background in martial arts, has sought fame through various avenues, including reality TV and local commercials.

–Dwight Widaman | Metro Voice

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