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Mother’s Refuge helps young women realize God’s plan

Mother’s Refuge is not a cold impersonal shelter, it is a home for the unborn, for those who have no place to turn during an uncertain time in their life. We are a safe haven, where a young woman can come to live anytime during her pregnancy and receive the love and guidance she needs to give birth to a healthy baby.

As the New Year begins, we have new hope, which is exactly what we give the young moms that call Mother’s Refuge home. We offer hope, a new start at life, and a fresh start. We provide everything a homeless, young, pregnant woman will need to be able to choose life for her unborn child. Those who had no hope blossom, and precious babies thrive, bringing life to those around them. We think we give them life, but really it is the other way around. They fill our home and hearts with unconditional love, joy, and faith of a greater purpose than just ourselves.

God said he knew us before we were formed in our mother’s womb, that He has a great plan for us to give us hope and a future. We serve God at Mother’s Refuge by being the hands and feet of Jesus. We provide a way for young women to give life while they experience hope, and take the steps necessary to provide a good future for their child, one that was planned for them long before they were born.

We are so grateful for the many precious life’s we have had the privilege to serve during the past 30 years. Each one was and is special, each one made our home a brighter place, and each one has a purpose and plan set by our great creator. Their stories are all different, just like ours are, but we have one thing in common, we are loved by a Father that formed us and gave us the opportunity to live out His plan.

As we honor the Sanctity of Human Life this month and celebrate the hope of a New Year, let us remember those less fortunate that are scared, hungry, cold, and pregnant. Please stand with us as we provide a way for each young lady to realize their Heavenly Father’s plan for them to give life to his precious creation and hope for a better future.

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