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Puppy Yoga to be offered at Helping Hands Humane Society

Yoga instructor Susan King has been holding kitten, cat, and puppy yoga classes at Helping Hands Humane Society since June 2016. Typically, classes are held while felines roam the room, stopping to play or rub up against participants as they flow through various yoga poses.

Now King has announced the second ever puppy yoga class (the first was in January 2018), will be held on Sunday, January 27, from 2-3 p.m. It will be called ‘Kitty Karma: Gone to the Dogs.’ This particular litter came in as strays and have been growing up in the loving, safe environment of foster care.

King says, “Coming back for another puppy yoga class brings a whole new energy than with the cat classes. Not only is it a fun form of exercise for participants, but we also aim to socialize the animals and hopefully find them their future home. ‘Kitty Karma: Gone to the Dogs’ offers a more upbeat paced class but I always encourage participants to sit and play with the animals should they need a break. As a lifelong animal lover, I feel so honored that HHHS took a chance on my crazy idea and so proud we are making a difference for the animals.”

For $10, participants can take part in the yoga class while a litter of foster puppies run and play. It is offered as a fundraiser for HHHS.

The foster puppies won’t be available for adoption when the class takes place, but participants who fall in love should keep an eye out at the shelter for when the puppies do become available…which should be soon, according to King.