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Church members in front of their van that was stolen. They'll have new wheels this week for ministry.

Secret donor replaces church’s stolen van

An anonymous good Samaritan has answered the prayers of a Grandview church after its van was stolen recently.

In July, Southview Christian Church was planning to help with tables and chairs at a Grandview music festival this weekend, but the van disappeared. The church couldn’t imagine why someone would want the old van. Its side doors don’t open and the rear bumper is held on by a bungee cord. And, if you drive faster than 60 on the highway, it shakes uncontrollably.

The church asked that if anyone saw the van, flag the driver down and invite them back to church services, all forgiven.

No luck. The trusty old van never showed up again.

Since then, after finding alternative means of transportation for the many church projects, someone who is unconnected to the church and who wished to remain anonymous, became aware of the Southview’s plight and bought the congregation a new 15-passenger van “with all the bells and whistles,” the church joyfully announced during its Sunday services.

Church members got to see the new van after church.

“To the person that saw our story on the news and decided that Southview should have a new van to replace our stolen one, THANK YOU!” the church posted on its Facebook page.

“We were amazed and completely blown away at the blessing!”

The church wants to thank the anonymous donor “for your kind heart, and (we) hope to express our appreciation to you some day in person in Heaven.”