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The Little Baby Jesus

I try and imagine that very first Christmas. As the Shepherds were visited by the

angel, telling of the good news of Jesus, Christ, The Lord.

As the sky rolls back and the multitude of angels descend upon the unsuspecting


The sheer overwhelming sound of music and the bright magical light. The overwhelming feelings of surprise, bewilderment, excitement of what’s going on here? The Bible tells us they were terrified.

Then following that bright shining star. What were they thinking as they travelled to the manger?

They come upon Joseph and Mary who are experiencing the new-found joy of their newborn son baby Jesus.

And they believe, their Messiah, The King of Kings wrapped in swaddling clothes has


The Wise Men traveled from afar bearing gifts, their act of worship was God’s way of showing us, this is no ordinary baby, who was so small. Yet the insurmountable task that lays ahead of Him, that they were all oblivious to.

My how Christmas has evolved into Saint Nick, Kris Kringle, Santa Claus. The hustle and bustle so trivialized so materialized.

How that little baby in the manger has been forgotten…….. Overcome and overcrowded with tinsel, candy canes and presents, the frivolousness and emptiness of commercialism.

Watching the world celebrate Christmas saddens me. In times past listening as some drunk guy plays Santa Baby over and over again on the juke box. While trying to let my little light shine in all that darkness. Knowing deep down the true meaning of Christmas and due to life’s circumstances I can’t get out.

The Little Baby Jesus~ The Son of God~ My Lord~ Our Lord reaches down and changes us in an instant~ because He has a better plan for our lives and puts us on the right track.

The Little Baby Jesus~ growing up into the man that takes away the sins of the world, that took away my sins and yours.

The Little Baby Jesus~ who doesn’t want anyone to be lost.

The Little Baby Jesus~ Immanuel~ God with us.

When I look at this Christmas and how far I’ve grown in Christ~ The gratitude I feel for new friends in my church family is beyond measure.

The true meaning of Christmas I want to shout it from the rooftops. My heart

overflows with love for The Little Baby Jesus who came to save!!!!

I cannot imagine my life without The Little Baby Jesus who is the Savior of my soul and The Savior of the world.

Jesus~ Wonderful Counselor~ Mighty God~ Everlasting Father

Jesus~ The light of the world

Jesus~ Our Peace~ Our Joy~ and Our Salvation~



–Cynthia Sharp-George