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Kim Bangs, with Bethany House Publishers, will be just one of many nationally recognized writers and publishing experts available to help new or experienced writers.

Writers Conference Will Inspire and Sharpen Skills

Annual Conference is Nov. 6-8 in Kansas City

by Zeta Davidson


The Heart of America Christian Writers network and writers conference may be just the organization for which you have been looking. How will you know?

Do you have spiral notebooks full of notes from speakers, Bible studies, or sermons?

Have you ever finished reading a magazine article or book and thought, “I could have written that.”

Are you yearning to share ways God has directed your life?

Do you find yourself thinking, “I wonder how a person gets into writing Christian materials?”

kim bangs bethany  house publishers

Kim Bangs, Bethany House Publishers

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, Heart of American Christian Writers Network may be just the organization you have been seeking. HACWN might be considered one of the best-kept secrets in Metro Kansas City. Join them for the next monthly meeting on November 13, 2014 at Colonial Presbyterian Church’s Quivira campus 7:00-9:00 p.m. The group meets the second Thursday evening of each month. Meetings feature what’s happening in the Christian writing field, devotional, writing exercise to complete, and a presentation by Christian author/speaker sharing up to the minute information helpful to beginning, freelance, and career writers.

The highlight of the year for HACWN is the Annual Fall Conference that will be held November 6-7, 2014. The conference, which attracts writers, editors, agents, and publishers from across the United States, provides speakers, workshops, bookstore, and writers’ contests for both unpublished and published authors. HACWN is directed by Mark & Jeanette Littleton, both prolific Christian writers and editors.

It features 60 to 70 workshops filled with practical advice designed to help you grown in skills and sales. You can choose from among workshops on general training to write and sell articles, books, devotionals, greeting cards and more.  Writers will also find help with book proposals and  workshops on building platforms, speaking and turning your speaking presentation into articles (especially helpful for ministry professionals) plus niche issues in writing.

You’ll also have an opportunity to have a free 10-minute appointment with faculty members to show your manuscript, pitch ideas, or discuss your writing. Attendees have found this to be one of the most beneficial aspects of the conference. You’ll also network with professors, editors and other writers all day long!

Following are ten reasons why HACWN may be the group with which you will most want to connect:

10. You will have access to industry insiders and their knowledge. HACWmembers gladly share their expertise.

9.  You will develop your own set of live resources. Attendance at meetings and conference keeps you in touch with writers from everywhere.

8.  Available markets to sell your writing are expanded. You will learn what newest markets request.

7.  Sources become readily accessible for sharpening your skills.

6.  Your knowledge of how to create a ‘brand’ for yourself becomes apparent.

5.  You will have access to breaking news in the fast changing Christian market.

4.  Trends of the Christian publishing industry will be continually updated.

3.  Information for possible articles and books will be yours for the listening.

2.  You establish your own network of contacts across Kansas City and beyond.

1. You have the wonderful opportunity to serve by sharing your own expertise.

For more information, visit the Heart of America Christian Writers Network website: www.hacwn.org or email the membership chair, Zeta Davidson at zetadavidson@earthlink.net.