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Thai citizens enjoy the Zion Cafe

Young missionaries open business to serve people

Going to the nations so that the nations will come to you. That’s the mission behind the newly owned Zion Hostel and Cafe. It’s located in the heart of Chiang Mai, Thailand, an international hub for human trafficking.  And it was opened by missionaries with a vision.

“We don’t just want to be another hostel,” said Zion Team’s Christina Kwak. “We want to be a place where they walk in and feel something different. They feel loved, they feel inspired, they feel cared for.”

The building was purchased a few weeks ago by the Adventures in Missions organization, pioneering their concept of using business in missions. It’s the idea that a missionary can do more than church planting.

“The ones that have the administrative backgrounds,” Kwak explained. “Finance backgrounds, marketing backgrounds… is our only option to change who we are to be in this space? Or is there a way that we can integrate the gifts and talents the Lord has given us to further his kingdom?”

The cafe is just one example of how Zion is allowing its missionaries to run a business for ministry in Thailand

Through employment with Zion Cafe, Chiang Mai resident Hope heard the message of the Gospel for the first time.

“I welcome people,” Hope said. “I love to talk to people about Jesus and show them how much Jesus loves.”

The Zion staff plans to complete renovations within the next few weeks, so that they can begin welcoming international travelers. The missionaries are excited about the future and what it will mean to the community.