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Daily News Briefs: Missouri tornadoes; Libertarians; Actor killed; Shipwreck

missouri tornadoes

Tornadoes hit Missouri, other states Sunday night Tornadoes swept across the region Sunday night with at least 19 dead. The Ozarks of Missouri and Arkansas were particularly hit hard. Texas, Kentucky, Oklahoma ...

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Young missionary couple from Missouri murdered in Haiti

haiti couple

Friends and family of murdered missionaries from Missouri and Oklahoma are grieving as they await the return of their bodies. Three people, a Haitian man and two Americans who all worked for ...

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Daily News Briefs: PGA star dead at 30; fire kills newborns; Indianapolis 500

news briefs

News briefs for Sunday, May 26. Among today’s news is a fire in an Indian maternity ward; PGA star dead; Hamas missile attack on Israel and Indianapolis 500. PGA golfer dies at ...

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Daily News Briefs: Missouri missionaries murdered in Haiti

news briefs

Here’s your daily news briefs for Saturday, May 25. Murdered missionaries from Missouri Condolences are pouring in for the daughter and son-in-law of Missouri state Rep. Ben Baker who were murdered while ...

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Morning Brief: Submarine found; hostages dead; Ukraine and more

news briefs

Metro Voice is beginning a daily news brief to bring you the news in a paragraph or less. Here’s the news for Friday, May 24, 2025. Israel recovers three more hostage bodies ...

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Indiana farmer cares for red heifers brought to Israel from Texas


SHILOH, Israel —When a small conference was held this spring in Israel’s biblical heartland on the laws related to the red heifer, both Hamas and Hezbollah posted the ad for the event ...

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Pope Francis criticized for getting the gospel wrong

pope gospe

Pope Francis stirred up a new controversy by saying the human heart is “fundamentally good” during a recent appearance on “60 Minutes.” Responding to interviewer Norah O’Donnell’s question regarding what gives him ...

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Almost all aid entering Gaza through new pier is being stolen

gaza pier

Almost all of the aid delivered by a new U.S.-built pier in Gaza was stolen by Hamas and other groups before it reached the U.N. central warehouse. The report by Reuters backs ...

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Iranian president, foreign minister dead in helicopter crash

Iranian president

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi was killed in a helicopter crash in the country’s northwestern East Azerbaijan province on Sunday, Iranian state media confirmed on Monday morning. Raisi was a fanatical hardliner responsible for ...

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Helicopter carrying Iranian president crashes


More than 11 hours after a helicopter carrying Iran’s president crashed, authorities have still not made it to the site. Iranian authorities have launched a search after a helicopter carrying President Ebrahim ...

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Will a 15-minute church service increase attendance?


Is 15 minutes enough for a church service? It’s the question arousing interest within the U.K.’s Protestant community following the decision by a Welsh minister to offer 15-minute services on Monday evenings. ...

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How Christian donors may be worsening Haiti’s orphan crisis

haiti donors

As the security crisis in Haiti continues, the humanitarian aid group Haiti Family Care Network is urging U.S. Christian donors to refrain from worsening the situation by donating to orphanages and to redirect their ...

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UN cuts Gaza death count after Hamas admits inflating numbers

aid gaza

The United Nations now says that “the fog of war” is to blame for a major overstatement of the number of Gazans who have been killed in the war. The new stance ...

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Research confirms Jerusalem was large, significant city in Old Testament times

city of david

When Anita and I organize group tours to Israel we always include the City of David. Visible to our guests are remains of his palace, the treasury and even bathrooms! It’s always ...

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New German citizenship questions ask about Jews, Israel, Holocaust

german questions

To pass the test to become a citizen of Germany, applicants must answer 17 questions correctly out of 33, drawn from a potential pool of 300 questions amended to test knowledge about Jewish life and history. ...

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Archaeological find in Sweden sheds new light on Christian burial

christian burial

A 12th century grave recently excavated by Swedish archaeologists provides new clues about Christian burial customs. Several coins were found in the grave of a man whom experts believed was between 20 and ...

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Persecution of Christians in West on the rise, watchdog leader says

christians west

Persecution of Christians in the United States and throughout the West is on the rise, according to Jeff King, president of International Christian Concern in Washington. “Basically, we are frogs in the ...

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Report: Saudi Arabia ready for peace with Israel

israel saudi

Saudi Arabia has decided to normalize relations with Israel and is debating the timing of the announcement, a foreign diplomat familiar with the details told Haaretz this week. According to the source cited in ...

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United Methodists vote to remove all bans on LGBTQ clergy, weddings

The United Methodist Church today voted overwhelmingly to allow “self-avowed practicing homosexuals” to be ordained and serve as ministers of the church. The vote, 692-51, was made at their General Conference and ...

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Pastor Greg Laurie believes Iran’s attack a biblical sign

laurie covid-19 christians greg israel iran's

Although Pastor Greg Laurie believes Iran’s attack on Israel last weekend is a significant biblical sign, he cautions against concluding that the event could lead to the scenario described in Ezekiel 38, which ...

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Faith leaders want Congress to tackle religious persecution

More than 100 religious freedom advocates are encouraging the U.S. Senate to pass bipartisan resolution SR-569, which would integrate religious freedom into U.S. foreign policy and address worldwide violations of faith. The ...

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Former Israeli leader criticizes Biden Iran comments

biden iran

Naftali Bennett, the former prime minister of Israel and Netanyahu opponent, was not happy with the Biden administration’s explanation about Iran’s first-ever attack on Israel. Claims that Iran launched its attack as ...

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Five years after Notre Dame fire, Europe’s cathedrals still burn

notre dame fire

Today marks the anniversary of the fire that nearly destroyed Notre Dame – the iconic 850-year-old cathedral that has become the symbol of Christianity in France. The fire was ruled an accident ...

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Iran attack on Israel news round-up

Iran israel

Israel withstood a historic attack from Iran overnight that saw the skies lit up with Iranian missiles and Israel’s defensive missile system responding to them. Below are a news briefs to bring ...

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Updated Vatican policy takes stronger stand against transgender surgery

vatican transgender

Transgender people who undergo surgery to change their bodies are violating God’s plan for human life, the Vatican announced this week. The announcement comes as many European countries, once leaders in promoting ...

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