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Youthville works to connect kids with foster families

The need for foster homes in Kansas is staggering. More than 6,000 children in the state are currently in foster care due to abuse or neglect; many are waiting right now for a safe and loving home to welcome them in.

Isaac and Erica Ulrich of Eudora are one couple who responded to this need three years ago.

The Ulrichs.

The Ulrichs.

“We had a strong desire to have a family of our own and help children in need at the same time,” Erica explains.

Initially, they were unsure of how many children they could handle, so they decided to take in only one or two at a time. Thanks to unending support from both their family and the Eudora community, they soon discovered they were well equipped for much more. They now have three adoptive children and are also caring for three foster children.

“We’ve become attached to each and every child that has been in our home,” Isaac says.

“We have gained a family and helped many children along the way as well.”

The help they refer to is providing kids a safe and stable home environment, one filled with love and kindness. This kind of help may seem basic, but it is truly extraordinary in the life of a foster child. The Ulrichs also offer some extras when they can.

“We give them the opportunity to be involved in sports and extra activities that they may not have been able to do otherwise,” Isaac says.

The Ulrichs say their experience has been positive and encourage others to consider fostering to help meet the needs of these children in Kansas.

“Do not be nervous,” Erica urges. “Children adapt easily and quickly to their surroundings. Have lots of patience because you never know what their past was like.”

Just like Isaac and Erica, you can BE THE ONE to help a child in need by becoming a foster parent; because foster kids deserve to know someone cares.

For more information about becoming a foster parent or how you can provide support to parents like the Ulrichs, call Youthville today at 800-593-1950 or visit www.youthville.org.