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Advice and Aid: Sharing hope, life and forgiveness

The Spring of 2020 forced “the normal” for all of us to change drastically through the impact of COVID-19. For us at Advice and Aid, concern for both our loved ones and for vulnerable strangers consumed our thoughts and lives. But above all, we knew we needed to do everything we could to safely keep our doors open. The abortion facility across the parking lot from us remained open and busier than ever, so our life answer to their death call needed to be heard loud and clear. Within a two-week period, we went from seeing about 30% of our clients being abortion-minded to 70% being abortion-minded. During this time of fear and uncertainty, women needed to hear our message of life and hope more than ever before.

We worked hard to adapt to new protocols and safety measures, and with God’s help and guidance, our doors remained open to serve women like the one who shares her story here:

“I am extremely grateful for Advice and Aid. I came across their facility by accident at the beginning of my pregnancy. I was unaware of what my next steps were going to be with this being my first pregnancy. I am a college student and was lost and needed guidance. At this time, I had yet to inform friends or family about my pregnancy, so I did not have anyone to speak to. The staff at Advice and Aid were very loving. They were understanding of my situation and wanted nothing but the best for me. Not only were they helpful, but they were also very caring.

My boyfriend and I received a free sonogram. That was the first time we saw our little one. I returned for a follow-up appointment and received another sonogram. They gave me pamphlets, referrals for AB/GYNs in the area, prenatal pills, and gift cards. I will never forget the loving care I received from the staff. They still contact me and check on the little one and me. I cannot wait to return for my birthing class!”

Our theme for 2020, chosen at the end of last year, was that of Envision. Little did we know how that would be put to the test as we daily are trusting God to lead us in a new direction. We are learning to envision God’s story for our tomorrows. It’s bigger and more beautiful than any human plan. And we will continue to share that message of hope, life, forgiveness and connection with each woman who walks through our door!

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