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Missouri Right to Life – Western Region sharing a message of life

Missouri Right to Life, founded in 1974 as a response to the outcry over the legalization of abortion, is a National Right to Life affiliate and our state’s oldest and largest grass-roots pro-life organization. Our ultimate aim is to change hearts, for this is where true change for our nation must take root…in the hearts and minds of individual people who can then influence those around them.

Missouri Right to Life-Western Region was formed in June 1974 and serves 23 counties in Northwest Missouri to come alongside each precious and valuable life in order to achieve societal and legal recognition from conception to natural death. MRL-WR seeks to change lives and laws through passionate, peaceful, and legal action. We strive to use legislation to ebb the tsunami that is destroying human life through abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia; education to inform minds of the truths of life; and activation to alter public opinion and motivate abortion-sympathetic persons to change. We accomplish this through hosting educational booths at area-wide festivals and events, lobbying for pro-life legislation, and manning a hotline which provides referral resources for anyone in need of information regarding pregnancy services, pregnancy shelters, adoption services, abortion reversal, or post pregnancy/abortion healing. Our phone is manned by volunteers 24/7.

In our present climate of cultural unrest and rapid medical advancements, we are inundated with misinformation that can masquerade as truth and encourage the acceptance of death as the norm. MRL works to reverse this dangerous downward spiral by promoting awareness through face-to-face encounters, pro-life literature, public forums, online information, and pro-life votes. We are able to spread our message of life through the help of dedicated volunteers, generous donations, and fundraising events. Our time and money is used to promote our message through various events that include walking, protesting, lobbying, praying, festivals booths, and more. Visit our website to find out how you can participate in our fundraisers, get on our mailing list, join our volunteer team, and/or financially support our cause! We are proud to partner with you as we spread the culture of life in our communities!

For more info visit Missouri Right to Life – Western Region.