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The Covid-19 timeline explained

Covid-19 fear grips the masses. Thanks to the misinformation spread by the media, the bureaucrats of the CDC, and politicians, a majority of people don’t know what the truth is about what is going on. I began my research on the Covid-19 late February and found countless cases of misinformation and now outright lying.  I was shocked to find whole websites scrubbed of previous information that was readily available and replaced with what can only be called propaganda.

The following is a brief summary. The actual amount of truth could fill several volumes of books. I hope this timeline informs you and helps you combat the ignorance and the lies and perhaps free people from the prison of fear.

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Truth crushed to earth shall rise again.” William Cullen Bryant.

  1. Covid viruses have existed for as long as viruses have existed. You could say that they are as “common as the cold.”
  2. China was doing research on Covid-19 in the Wuhan district.
  3. There was a Covid-19 outbreak in November 2019 in Wuhan. While it is believed that the citizens of Wuhan caught the virus by eating raw bats, it is possible that the virus may have been released on the general population by the lab and therefore the Chinese Government.
  4. Covid-19 is called such because it was the prevalent Covid virus of 2019. There are that many Covid viruses all around the world.
  5. China silences the news of the virus outbreak.
  6. The WHO (the World Health Organization) parroted Chinese propaganda concerning the virus.
  7. December 2019 is the probable time (there may be evidence as early as November) that Covid-19 hit American shores on the West Coast and began its spread throughout the continent. No American is afraid of the Covid-19 virus yet.
  8. December 2019 – January 2020: California is hit with a mystery virus that does not test as the flu which affects the respiratory system. It is now believed this was Covid-19. It all spreads through much of the Midwest with little fanfare. Meanwhile the House votes to impeach Trump in December but fails to complete impeachment in political grandstanding of the highest order until mid-January.
  9. January 2020: Trump tries to ban all travel to and from China due to Covid-19. Media and Democrat Party paint Trump as a racist for these actions as well as accuse him of trying to deflect America’s attention from his impeachment. Dr. Fauci comes out and states that the Covid-19 virus is less deadly than the flu. Also first known case of an American with Covid-19, which has a two week dormant period before acting.
  10. Trump reelection likely, due to no President ever losing reelection with such a roaring economy. Impeachment was Left’s final hope.
  11. February 2020: impeachment fails in Senate due to lack of evidence and even proof of a crime, although the House wanted the Senate to do its job. Within 2 weeks after Trump acquittal, Covid-19 becomes the headline. Models, anonymously from Great Britain, come out predicting massive death. We now know the creator of the models is the same men who created a model predicting the swine flu to be 600 times more deadly than it actually was. Media begins 24/7 campaign of fear-mongering, despite only 20% of those infected feeling symptoms and less than 1% suffering from severe to deadly.
  12. Feb 2020: Asian country states that Hydroxychloroquine, a cure for malaria and treatment for lupus, combats Covid-19 successfully.
  13. Feb-March 2020: CDC accepts models as accurate despite their own numbers that they publish on their websites and John Hopkins University disagreeing with the model numbers. The numbers state that Covid-19 is half as deadly as the flu while CDC proclaims Covid-19 to be 10 times more deadly. Trump blocks travel to Europe and is attacked as being a racist. Democrat politicians encourage people to ignore President and party. Dr. Fauci and CDC reiterate what studies have shown for over a decade, including one in 2020, that wearing a mask if not ill is dangerous to your health, and encourage people not to wear masks.
  14. March 2020: Governor Kelly of Kansas suspends school for the rest of school year. Soon other governors follow despite the statistics showing that children are least affected by Covid-19.
  15. Mid-March 2020: Trump touts that Hydroxychloroquine successfully combats Covid-19. The Media, the Democrats, and Dr. Fauci are quick to put down that idea mainly because Trump said it, despite growing evidence that it does work, thus condemning many to die. One Democrat in Michigan does take treatment, lives, and praises Trump for his tout.
  16. March-April 2020: Governor Cuomo as well as several other Democrat governors force infected elderly into nursing homes escalating the death toll numbers exponentially. Social Distancing (something the scientific community mocked as pseudoscience up until March of 2020) rules are put in place after Trump declares a pandemic. Many churches shut down voluntarily while others are forced to shut down by mayors and in some cases governors, despite the Constitution stating it is illegal “prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” NYC Mayor also targets synagogues. Economy is put on pause by state and local government, imposing socialism by deciding which businesses are essential and nonessential, sending many to the unemployment lines.
  17. March-April 2020: NYC hit hardest due to Cuomo decreasing public transportation, forcing more people to cram into less vehicles. Cuomo says his hospitals are overrun despite them being just full. Hospital tents are set, Javits’ Center is converted, and a ship is sent to deal with overflow and are barely used. Cuomo demands more respirators, despite the fact that being placed on a respirator is practically a death sentence and Cuomo sold most of the state respirators earlier because he felt they did not need them. Hospitals all across America are encouraged to mark each death as a Covid death by the CDC, and by a financial payout for each Covid death. Models proven wrong.
  18. Early April: the Covid-19 fatalities peak, despite, for several weeks more, Fauci and the CDC promising that the peek will happen within the next two weeks. Millions are pushed into poverty, which has a higher mortality rate, 4-7%, than the proclaimed 2% mortality of Covid-19 by the CDC and Dr. Fauci, with addition of deaths by depression and child abuse. New models are still wrong as Covid-19 mortality rate is shown to be 10 times less deadly than Flu at 0.02%. Economy has been tanked by state and local government.
  19. Mid-April: Protest begin for reopening. No massive increase of infections occur despite a majority of Americans not wearing masks, nor were there riots.
  20. Late April-Early May: Fauci and the CDC do a 180 on masks, proclaiming that they have been lying about wearing a mask for over a decade so that doctors would not run out of masks. They suggest all Americans wear masks now to prevent the spread of Covid-19 despite the FDA warnings on the masks packages that say it will not prevent the spread of viruses, only bacteria. Websites are purged of all information proclaiming the dangers of wearing masks such as but not limited to hypoxia and hypoxemia. States begin to open. No new big breakouts of the virus happen.
  21. May–June 2020: Economy begins rapid recovery. Testing for Covid-19 increases exponentially. Media tries to create new mass hysteria over murder hornets but fail. Democrats try to clamp down in their cities and states but more people disobey tyrannical orders. May 25, George Floyd was murdered by a former co-worker which everyone agreed was wrong, but the left (specifically BLM, the Media, and politicians) capitalized on it causing riots across the nation and the destruction of private parties and deaths of many police officers as well as black lives at the hands of Antifa and BLM. Medical Media personalities approve protest and say not to worry about social distancing nor wearing masks – the protests were more important.
  22. June 2020: The WHO announces that asymptomatic people (over 80% of infected) rarely if at all transmit the disease. This is damaging to the push for wearing masks as well as much of the draconian measures enacted and promoted by the CDC and WHO, so the WHO retracts statement without explanation a day later. Data from countries and states who did not shut down show that their numbers are comparable to countries and states that did shut down, if not lower (ex. Sweden, Japan, South Dakota, Oklahoma, etc.) Mexico has a breakout of Covid-19. Many illegals travel north to the Border States. Testing increases.
  23. June-July 2020: States begin enforcing statewide mask mandates, although BLM protesters are exempt. End of June sees record positive tests for Covid-19. Media fails to mention the possibility of BLM protests spreading it, the infected illegal aliens in the Border States, the increase in testing, and that many of the positive tests are derived from those testing positive with antibodies (people who have had Covid-19 and were either asymptomatic or recovered from the virus as well as the common cold because Covid-19 is a strain of the cold virus), tainted testing, and falsifying positive tests (ex. Many testing sites, if they had one positive test in a group of fifteen, would say that all fifteen tested positive.)
  24. July 2020: The major box stores capitalize on the false number and new panic to institute mandatory mask wearing with the intent of getting more of their customers to order online and decrease labor costs.
  25. There are no major scientific studies that prove that mask wearing prevents the spread of any virus let alone Covid-19. In fact, the opposite is true. The media silences anyone who contradicts the narratives and politicians pursue legal means to silence any medical professional who openly speaks against the wearing of masks due to its danger. Wearing masks decreases the oxygen intake which kills brain cells and slows down the thought processes, making people more malleable to control. The CDC has models. Models are easily fabricated – no model has been right about the Covid-19 spread and fatality.
  26. July 2020: Dr. Fauci praises Cuomo’s handling of Covid-19 revealing that the pretense of being apolitical is a farce. Fauci’s call for more totalitarian measures show not only that he is part of the deep state, but that he is in fact a major player.

–George Ismael Feliu