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An accident involving the influence of marijuana killed both drivers in Longmont, Colorado.

Amendment 3 and Recreational Marijuana – The Devil is in the Details

Here’s why you should vote no on Amendment 3 which legalizes Recreational Marijuana.

There are many reasons to vote against Amendment 3 which legalizes the use of marijuana for recreational use.

As statistics reveal, it has serious consequences for the residents of the states where it has been legalized. In Colorado, for example, car fatalities involving pot have skyrocketed, leaving a trail of carnage of both drivers under the influence and their innocent victims. Add to that the hundreds of millions Colorado now spends to “educate” the public in “responsible” use of pot, and additional social services to handle individuals who have lost their jobs, families, and residences, and you can see the costs are beginning to outweigh what Colorado originally believed would be a tax boon for the state.

Enter Missouri’s Amendment 3.

It may be an uphill battle for opponents. Over 60% of Missourians favor recreational marijuana, according to polls this fall. Many realize that convictions and incarcerations for pot are over-the-top, and that is driving the push for legalization. The black community says the criminalization disproportionately affects young black men. They have data to back it up.

But, still, there are reasons to oppose its legalization. One of those is that the measure is being used to promote a radical leftist agenda in the state.

Bev Ehlen, with Concerned Women for America of Missouri, states, the aim of the mechanism is “to perpetually fund leftist indoctrination, effectively circumventing the populace movement of ‘go woke, go broke.’”

Ehlen writes:

Many Missourians are unaware that the marijuana legalization movement, pushed through initiative petition in this state, is funded and designed by none other than George Soros and his Drug Policy Alliance. The goal of using initiative petition is to sidestep the General Assembly who wouldn’t allow for the restrictive and monopolistic language that Soros desires. Some of the names behind this initiative are Good Day Farms, BLM activist Justice Gaston, defund the police architects Empower Missouri, and many other “champions” of the anti-American agenda.

The pitch for this initiative is that it will be used to help elevate those who have been directly impacted by drug laws – specifically, the inner-city black community, by offering “microbusiness licenses” that will give them an opportunity to create their own business.

At face value, this sounds like a good idea but as always, the devil is in the details.

This initiative creates a constitutional office ran by the ‘Chief Equity Officer.’ The word “equity” sends up immediate red flags. The language states: “The eligibility review set forth in this subdivision shall be conducted by the chief equity officer within sixty days of issuance of the licenses. (Meaning the Chief Equity Officer will decide who does and doesn’t get the licenses… The chief equity officer shall establish public education programming and target technical assistance programming dedicated to providing communities that have been impacted by marijuana prohibition with information detailing the licensing process….”

That means they will create CRT-aligned programming that will perpetuate the false and divisive narrative that parents have fought so hard to remove from schools, under the guise of helping minorities get into this very limited and restricted industry) The chief equity officer may only be removed for cause and the department shall not interfere with the officer’s lawful official activities under this section.

That means if this initiative is accepted, the Chief Equity Officer will have full protection of the law to control and direct this woke agenda with no concern of interference.

Here’s what it all boils down to.

Communists are trying to monopolize a burgeoning market and use it to fund the spread of CRT while simultaneously masquerading as advocates for the black community with the offering of table scraps.

“This initiative,” says Ehlen, “will create a mechanism for perpetual funding of their agenda, effectively circumventing the popular movement of “go woke, go broke.” Even though many Missourians are on the side of legalization, we can’t exchange it for further gross indoctrination of our youth.”

–Info provided by Metro Voice and Concerned Women for America

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