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Apartment features all-in-one bathroom and kitchen

It reminds some of the Seinfeld episode where Kramer moves his kitchen into the shower. But this is no comedy gag.

News that a tiny studio apartment in St. Louis has a new occupant normally wouldn’t make the headlines but in this domicile, the bathroom and the kitchen are one and the same and the property listing has gone viral.

You heard that right. The toilet, bathtub, oven and sink are all in one room. In fact, they are just inches from each other.

For those with a busy schedule, it could be a time-saver though they may not have too many friends accepting offers for dinner.

The 200-square-foot (18.5-sq. meter) apartment is in St. Louis’ up-scale Central West End just east of Forest Park.

The $525-per-month apartment was featured in ads on several websites and had people flush with excitement. Harold Karabell of S.F. Shannon Real Estate Management says the new tenant loves it.

The 111-year-old building originally housed 12 luxury apartments. Karabell says that around the time of the Great Depression, it was remade into 50 small units, the studio the smallest among them.

The area is popular with younger people and is known for nice single-dwelling houses mixed in with 100-year-old brownstones and high-rises from the early 20th Century.

Karabell says, like many renovations in the area, the apartment has a lot to like, including refinished hardwood floors and new windows.

The design had many people disgusted and wondering if it was actually legal. Karabell says the unit has met city inspection requirements and is totally legit.

–Metro Voice