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Former Amazon exec creates faith-based children’s streaming app

A Christian alternative to Disney has been developed by a former Amazon executive and his team. The streaming app offers a variety of entertainment and educational choices for kids.

Former Amazon marketing executive Erick Goss and his team built Minno, a Christian alternative to Disney+, Amazon, and Netflix.

Goss played a key role in introducing Amazon’s first e-book and print-on-demand businesses.

His experience, coupled with a passion for ministry, led Goss to co-found Creative Trust Ventures, where he ran JellyTelly and launched the best-selling video series “Buck Denver Asks…What’s in the Bible?”

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The success from his previous projects led Goss to create Minno.

Minno features the largest collection of classic VeggieTales shows, along with programs like “What’s in the Bible?” and “3-2-1 Penguins.”

Having an entertainment option like Minno is crucial in a culture that’s trying to rewrite our standards as a society, like Disney+ as an example.

“Parents who care about their children’s faith are in a tough situation. While we attend church and have friends and neighbors who share our faith, the leading technology, and media companies are fueling a content culture that is devoid of God and the importance of faith,” Goss said.

“Christian parents have more content choices than they’ve ever had, but fewer options that reflect their values. When you see media companies churning out more shows than ever but none of them reflect your family’s values you want to instill in your family, you are left with an impossible choice—not participating in culture or compromising what you care most about.”

Goss added that Minno offers kids a fun experience while easing parents’ concerns over finding a trustworthy source for entertainment.

“Our content is encouraging kids to deepen their faith and walk with God every day, at home or on-the-go,” he adds.

You can download the Minno Kids app and begin streaming from anywhere. The company is offering a 7-day free trial. After that, subscriptions begin at $6.99 per month or $69.99 annually at GoMinno.com.

Also, Minno provides a lifestyle blog with articles and family devotions for the entire family.

The Minno store offers books, Bibles, and other resources so families can experience God together on a broader level.