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FROM THE CHEAPSEATS: Is Mahomes the Real Deal?

I have to admit, I did not see this coming.  They said that Patrick Mahomes was the real deal but I refused to believe it. Was it the fact that I thought Alex Smith was getting a raw deal? Was it the fact that I saw what Dak Prescott did in Dallas during his first year but has since spiraled into an abyss of mediocrity? Maybe all of the above. The truth is, I thought that the Kansas City Chiefs went with Mahomes because Smith was due 16 million dollars this year and that they were going with the cheaper option.

I mean, that would have to be the only explanation for trading away a guy who was one of the top quarterbacks in the league last year. Right? I guess not. Mahomes is the real deal. He’s got a cannon of an arm and he has the heart of a winner. Most importantly though, he has the respect of his teammates and that’s something that usually takes quite a while to acquire, especially for a second year quarterback.

There was a point during the San Francisco game when it appeared that a few 49ers were trying to take some cheap shots at Mahomes. Some of his teammates quickly intervened. That showed me that his teammates have his back and that they realize that Mahomes is a special player.

Another play that stood out to me probably did to most people. Nine minutes left in the 2nd quarter, 3rd and goal from the 49ers 4 and the Chiefs up by 7. Mahomes is under pressure, he scrambles and finds Chris Conley in the end zone, where he fires a bullet to him catapulting the Chiefs to a 14 point lead and control of the game.

That play in itself has set the stage for an incredible Chiefs season. You see, Smith would have side stepped a couple defenders and thrown that ball out of bounds and the Chiefs would have settled for a field goal. But there’s a new sheriff in KC and he has no fear. The Chiefs have a real shot at being a force in the playoffs and making a play for the Super Bowl. Sure, there will be some down days for Mahomes. I mean, a guy can’t throw 4 touchdown passes every game can he?


 – Rob Mooney, Metro Voice Sports writer