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Faithfulness: Loyalty to the end


“Don’t be afraid of what you are about to suffer. The devil will throw some of you into prison to test you. You will suffer for ten days. But if you remain ...

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Still chasing idols: What Paul on Mars Hill teaches us today

mars hill

Perhaps my favorite place in Athens is Mars Hill, at the foot of the Acropolis (this is Anita and me standing on it). You no doubt know the story in Acts of ...

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Israeli dad says son taught him about strength and peace


A popular Israeli influencer and entrepreneur says driving his son to school after bandaging the boy’s finger cut created an opportunity for encouragement over the ongoing war with Hamas. Hillel Fuld posted ...

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Judicial Watch: An Inside Look at the Trump Trial

judicial trump

Judicial Watch has reviewed the New York trial of Donald Trump and provides this look at the proceedings and facts. The Trump prosecution rested its case Monday with a central question unanswered: ...

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The left wants Harrison Butker fired over this

butker speech harrison

While a petition calling for the firing of Harrison Butker, one of the greatest placekickers in the NFL, has gained more than 100,000 signatures, sales of his jersey are skyrocketing. Why all ...

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Evangelical leaders respond to survey on Gaza aid without the facts

aid gaza

A survey released Tuesday by National Association of Evangelicals finds a false narrative prevails on humanitarian aid to Gaza. The NAE’s report says “Over 90 percent of evangelical leaders who participated in ...

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Stadium debate: John Sherman’s march to downtown Kansas City


As early voting is already underway for Tuesday’s stadium tax vote, promises by proponents are being questioned. More business, more fans, more revenue, and even a pennant-winning team are now the lure. ...

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On World Down Syndrome Day, dad cannot imagine life without his daughter

down day

In a post that appeared at The Atlantic, “A Generational Shift in Understanding Life With Down Syndrome,” Educator Theo Malekin does an admirable job in helping us understand how much attitudes have changed ...

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Are we asking the right questions about the ‘He Gets Us’ ad?

he gets us

The He Gets Us Super Bowl ad has generated significant discussion. It seems to be a repeat of the discussion of the 2023 ad. This year, the ad continues to be attacked ...

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Asbury Revival’s Surprise for America

asbury america

We’ve prayed for revival in America for decades. But do we know what to do when it happens? It’s been one year since the revival at Asbury University in central Kentucky began ...

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Israel needs our help, not political games over security funding

Israel security

The U.S. House on Tuesday failed to pass a stand-alone bill for additional security aid for Israel. President Joe Biden threatened veto it, preferring instead to have it lumped with legislation that ...

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At Birthright, We Love Them Both


Connecting with an abortion-minded woman during a four-hour shift at Birthright in Kansas City is a very real possibility and one in which all volunteers are trained to handle. Being prepared to ...

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Approaching the Bible as a well-trained pilot

If you have ever been a passenger in an airplane, you have appreciated the qualities of a well-trained pilot. Come to think of it, anyone looking up at an airplane flying overhead ...

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Hatred, racism didn’t deter George Washington Carver

Few know George Washington Carver, the humble pioneering researcher and Christian, grew up in Missouri and Kansas. We celebrate him during Black History Month. Human need is really a great spiritual vacuum ...

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Should Christian actors appear in nude sex scenes?


Editor’s Note: Controversy continues to surround self-described Christian actor Alan Ritchson, star of “Reacher”, defending his appearance in a nude sex scene. An article by Kelsey Dallas in the Deseret News asks, “Can ...

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Be a Pro-Life Ambassador

abortion mrl

There’s an old song from the 70’s recorded by Rare Earth that goes, “I just wanna celebrate another day of living. I just wanna celebrate another day of life.” That about sums ...

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Silent Stories Lost in the middle of Pro-life/Pro-choice debate


Lost in the middle of the Pro-life/Pro-choice debate sit millions of women and men impacted by their abortion experience. Abortion is arguably one of the most heated discussions in today’s culture. Both ...

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Compassion and care for women, babies top Kansas legislative agenda

Kansas Capitol legislative

The pro-life movement in Kansas is promoting a legislative agenda this year that encompasses true compassion and life-affirming care for women and their children. We understand the difficult circumstances many pregnant women ...

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Everybody Must Get Stoned?


Was Bob Dylan correct when he penned the famous lyrics “everybody must get stoned?” Deuteronomy 21:18-21 might lead us to believe that stoning our children is a good idea. Deuteronomy 21.18-21: “Suppose ...

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New Year’s resolutions, goals, plans? God can make a way


Do you have New Year’s resolutions? Maybe you call them goals or plans. However you describe them, they’re a good thing to have. The scriptures talk about making plans. Proverbs says our ...

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Tips to get out of the occasional spiritual “blahs”


Everyone has heard of the winter blues and the post-holiday blahs. At some time, most Christians experience the spiritual blahs as well, former magazine editor J. Lee Grady said. He offers 10 ...

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23 Christmas memories and today’s realities to remember in 2023.


Here are 23 memories of Christmas and their modern-day realities. By:  Anne Foley Rauth Santa in 1973: Looking for your letter to Santa in the hometown newspaper and knowing that Santa would ...

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Repetition to Revelation

christmas memories

I was bored and bothered. That Christmas Eve I read the Nativity story in Luke 2 to our two daughters again just as I had for years. I reasoned there must be ...

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Unconventional answers


“I know you know!” the seven-year-old insisted. Large snowflakes melted on the windshield as I drove with my grandson to the pharmacy near our house. “Pleeease,” he begged. “Just tell me. The ...

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Snow didn’t deter the only gift our family could give Jesus on Christmas Day


Many years ago Anita and I had planned to take our pre-teen daughters to the local nursing home on Christmas Day, distribute goodies and carol the residents. The idea didn’t go over ...

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