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God’s position on immigration and borders? Go to the Bible

As the country continues debating the issues of immigration and borders, the head of a network of pastors says the subjects also need to be addressed from the pulpit.

Sam Rohrer, president of American Pastors Network, urges God’s messengers to preach what the Bible says about immigration and borders. Rohrer explains that there’s nothing that comes before a nation, family, or individual that the Word of God doesn’t speak clearly to and provide the remedy.

“… People expect [and] want their pastors to do that kind of instruction,” he contends. “God does too – and that’s God’s model for providing truth and knowledge so that we know how to live.”

Some religious leaders contend that borders or walls are immoral. If that’s the case, says Rohrer, then even Jesus is wrong.

“Christ himself said that there is but one way into Heaven, that there are gates in Heaven – and [that] anybody who climbs in over the wall is a thief and a robber. So Heaven has walls,” he surmises. “Nehemiah rebuilt a wall [see Book of Nehemiah, chapters 2-6]. So biblically [and] heavenly speaking, walls are appropriate and God’s idea.”

In a press release, Rohrer also cites Acts 17:26 (establishment of nations and borders) and Daniel 2 (raising up of leaders and nations). “Without borders there’s no order, no law, no justice,” he argues. “Without borders, God promise to bless the nation whose God is the Lord could never occur. God’s plan of redemption revolves around nations.”

Meanwhile a new survey of 1,000 Protestant pastors by LifeWay Research shows that 80 percent of them believe the government has the responsibility to stop illegal immigration. At the same time, 70 percent of pastors polled are in favor of immigration reform that includes a path to citizenship for those who are currently in the country illegally.

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