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Kansas license plates undergoing makeover

License plates for newly registered cars in Kansas are undergoing a makeover. The new plates carry the same designs currently offered, but are flat instead of embossed. Additionally, new plates will be delivered directly to the vehicle owner in the updated process.

“This project completely modernizes the way the State of Kansas produces and delivers license plates,” Governor Jeff Colyer said. “The old process has been in place since the first license plate was created by the state in 1913, so it is long overdue for streamlining. My administration is prioritizing providing more effective service for Kansans at the best price.”

The transition to the new process will be complete on August 1. To prepare for that date, the Department of Revenue has stopped accepting new orders for personalized plates, and personalized plate service will resume under the new process on August 1 with faster, on-site approval of the requested personalized combination.

Under the new process, any customer purchasing a new plate will place an order at the county motor vehicle office. The customer will leave the office with a 30-day temporary license tag and their registration sticker. Meanwhile, the permanent plate will be “printed” on demand by KDOR’s vendor, Center Industries. The permanent plate will arrive at the customer’s home in 10-14 business days, at which time the customer will affix the registration sticker received at the office to the new plate and attach it to the car.

“This new process will eliminate the millions of dollars’ worth of license plate inventory that sits in county offices across the state and often goes unused,” Revenue Secretary Sam Williams said. “Plus, personalized plate customers will no longer have to go back in to the office to pick up their new plate when it’s produced. The new system offers more convenience for customers.”

Customers will have the chance to provide an email address or mobile phone to receive alerts when their plate is ordered and shipped. The shipment notice will include a link to track the status of the package to know when to expect it at home.

The process will only apply to new orders for plates. There is no need for current plate holders to order a replacement because of the updated system. Typically, new plates are ordered after a car is purchased and there is no plate to transfer, when a plate is lost, damaged, or stolen, or if the customer orders a personalized combination.

Other states with flat plates include Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Texas.


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