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The line-up in the Solution Muzik Tour features talented artists from across the area.

KC Christian Rappers to Host Free Solution Muzik Tour

As a husband, father and full-time education student at University of Central Missouri, one would think that Wesley “Undergrad” Forte has little time to make music, let alone put together a tour. Yet a tour is exactly what this Kansas City native rapper has conjured.

"Undergrad" Wesley Forte

“Undergrad” Wesley Forte

While working on his groundbreaking mix tape, “My Name is Not Kanye,” in 2011, Undergrad became aware of how the consistent themes of drugs, sex and money in today’s music impacted the youth more than ever before.

A man of action, Undergrad decided to do something about it. After discussing the idea with other artists, The Solution Muzik Tour was born.

Now in its third year, The Solution Muzik Tour includes Undergrad’s record label, School Boy Music Group, and label-mates Godz Geek and Echo. Rece Nickelz and songstress Jamie Lynn of A.M.P.E.D. Records join the tour as well. A. Ward, who is known around Kansas City for his impeccable delivery, rhyme schemes and analogies, is on the tour as is Cephas Da Rock, one of the hippest artists in the area.

The goal of this year’s tour is to continue to influence today’s generation with music that is fun and current while also spreading an uncompromised message of God’s love – and they do it all out of pocket.

“With the exception of shows that are really far away, the concert is 100% free to book and 100% free to attend,” Undergrad said.

The Tour is open to receiving sponsorships to aid in travel costs and meals.

With a humble spirit, Undergrad looks forward to continuing to follow God’s direction in reaching children, teenagers and young adults through this summer’s tour.

“Right now, we’re in the booking phase,” Undergrad said, “so we just need to get the word out to as many churches and organizations as possible. It’s free – there’s nothing to lose.”


–By Kharissa Forte, Metro Voice Contributor