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Kinder Kastle Christian School helps students grow and thrive

Kinder Kastle Christian School has been a pillar of the Harrisonville community helping students to grow and thrive since 1968. Kinder Kastle is a private school that prioritizes Christian education through engaging learning styles. Located within the Harrisonville Community Church on Chapel Drive, Kinder Kastle offers classes ranging from age three to third grade.

This is a growing school that has added a new class every year for the past four years. There are also other programs offered through the school, such as before and after school care options. There are a variety of times available for the preschool aged program, offering half days, partial weeks, or full-time care.

Due to Kinder Kastles smaller class sizes the teachers here are able to focus and cater to the needs of each individual student. Our mission is to equip children with the skills to begin a lifetime of learning and to use their god given talents for his glory. Join a community that cares about you and your student, enroll in Kinder Kastle.

For more information, visit us at www.kinderkastle.org.

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