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Launch of KanLicense, mobile driver’s license renewals shortens lines

Kansas is now the first and only state in the country to offer driver’s license renewals through a mobile application. Mobile renewals join other already existing services like vehicle registration renewal and vital statistics on the iKan application available for iOS and Android.

“My vision for Kansas is to make as many services accessible through phones and computers and this is a huge addition. Most everyone has to renew their license and now many of them can do it without ever stepping foot in an office,” Governor Jeff Colyer said. “Congratulations to KDOR and its partner PayIt on getting this fantastic service out the door and ready for use.”

The availability of mobile renewals was made possible by the launch of a different system, KanLicense, the new secure interface used by driver’s license examiners to issue licenses and IDs.

“This launch was incredibly smooth with minimal interruption to service for Kansans,” Colyer said. “The modernized system now in place empowers faster customer service, plus ease of use for examiners—two critically important factors for a better experience for Kansas drivers at the office.”

Web access to iKan services like mobile renewal, vehicle registration and more is at ikan.ks.gov.

The hours of operation for most driver’s license offices statewide have changed to 8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. Monday through Friday, which brings the addition of a full day of service every week.