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Local media group plans conference to help small businesses make use of modern media

A couple decades ago the way we used media began to change. Technology and the internet have made things that were financially impossible to most people, possible. As branding, advertising and marketing techniques began to change, media companies struggled to keep up. Business owners became confused on how to cover all the many new bases being created in the media world.

The FCC started making big changes in the last few years that would affect the way media companies conduct business. Rules that were implemented years prior were eliminated. Major media is scrambling to take advantage. In many cities the change has been quicker. In Topeka, it seemed that many media people put their heads in the sand. Others took on a second job, knowing that their current job might be eliminated any day. Many people’s jobs were eliminated and many are being outsourced.

Regardless, the way we view or listen to media is not going to stop changing and that is why we have to be ahead of the game. The Local Media Collective was formed for just that reason. LMC members represent locally-owned media in television, radio, print, and digital media. All members of the collective are located in this area and want to help the community thrive, by keeping as much of our dollars here as possible. It’s a matter of local businesses helping other local businesses succeed.

Local Media Collective members include Lee Hartman, Chris Schultz, Kevin Doel, Brian Short, Kim Schultz and Frank Schultz.

The Local Media Collective will host the BAM! Conference from 11:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., September 6, for the purpose of helping local small business owners navigate the new media world of Branding Advertising & Marketing (BAM). By helping them to “Know Why Before You Buy” media services, locally owned small media companies hope to help more small businesses succeed, and keep more local money right here in our community.

Business people who attend the BAM! Conference will learn how to use print, TV, radio and digital media – internet ads, websites, social media, email & mobile marketing…even snail mail.

Through the Local Media Collective they will be able to afford a variety of these media, and know how to use it.


Keynote Speaker for the conference will be Martha Piland with MB Piland. Breakout sessions will also be offered on various topics:

  • Radio/TV then and now – Brian Short w/ TV25 & Frank Chaffin w/ Wren Digital Media
  • Why Print Advertising is still alive – Lee Hartman w/ Metro Voice & Kevin Doel w/ Topeka Health & Wellness magazine
  • Becoming a Superstar – Kim Schultz w/ Social Butterflies from Kansas & Chris Schultz w/ Gablocal.tv & Talk About Topeka
  • “A Conduit to Information and Resources: The Washburn University SBDC” – Washburn Small Business
  • Using BAM to Grow Your business – Nick Xidis, co-owner, Hazel Hill Chocolates
  • Social Media – Dave Navarro, Topeka Design


A business-to-business vendor fair will be part of the event, and booth space is available to those who service or sell to other businesses.

Television, radio, and even print will not go away, but the way we use them has changed. All trends come full circle, and Topeka is lucky to have local media in all of those categories. By attending the BAM! Conference you can learn how to effectively use these and other media to grow your business.

Location: Topeka Performing Arts Center

Doors Open 10:30 for registration and vendor fair

Intro: 12:15

Keynote Speaker Martha Piland: 12:30 to 1:15

Break-out sessions 1:30-4:30


This conference is for anyone, even if you don’t own a business. Tickets are available at:


Others who service or sell to other businesses can also set up a vendor booth at the conference, by using the same above link.

And by using Coupon Code “MetroVoice” you can save 75% on your ticket price and booth price.


You can also order a boxed lunch from Field of Greens at an extra charge, online at:

https://www.fogreens.com/online-ordering; use Event Name: BAM.

Drinks and snacks will also be available during the conference to help keep your brain in learning mode.