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Parkville Women’s Clinic provides hope

Miriam came to the clinic worried that she might be pregnant. Miriam is from India and in her culture, she would be shunned for being pregnant out of wedlock. Her test was positive.   As Miriam was lying on the table for her ultrasound the nurse showed her the baby’s beating heart. Miriam was brought to tears as she saw the tiny 6-week-old baby on the screen.

Miriam and her boyfriend had been together for a year and had even talked about getting married, but he seemed to get cold feet. As she left the Parkville Women’s Clinic, she stated that she and her boyfriend were going to have a long talk and that she was so grateful for the clinic’s support and help.

Some weeks passed by and our nurses continued to check in with Miriam and see how she was doing. This last time our nurse reached out to Miriam, she stated, “I was so scared about being pregnant, but you all were so good and set in my mind that I could do it! My boyfriend and I are engaged to be married. My parents were upset for about a month and now they are supportive and accepting and have blessed our marriage. I will be having a “fancy” wedding in India after I deliver. The very last sentence is one we will hang on to forever, Miriam stated, “Thank you for saving my family.”

For more information about the clinic, visit PWC4life.us.